>Download Telenovelas For Free

>For those of you who are as obsessed with Latin American telenovelas as I am (they are the reason why I became a scholar of Hispanic Studies), here is a great site where you can download all of your favorite telenovelas for free:

Todo telenovelas: descarga directa

The selection is amazing. I can’t wait to show some of my favorite telenovelas to my students in the next semester’s Spanish Conversation class.

64 comments on “>Download Telenovelas For Free

    • hey! thank you SO much for posting this! you’re amazing!
      i am learning spanish. do you know here i can find corazon salvaje (1993) with english or spanish subtitles?? thank you so much!!!

  1. >Thank you SO MUCH for posting this site Clarissa!! which one do you recommand by the way? I started donwloading Soy tu dueña now..

  2. >I'm loading Corazon salvaje 2009. It's a beautifully made remake of a classic historical telenovela. The actor who plays the main part is stunningly good looking.I also love the Colombian La costena y el cachaco. It's funny and really lovely.For those who like Brazilian telenovelas, Dona Beija is totally the best. It's very beautifully made (also historical) and has a very original plot

  3. >I want to rewatch again la picara sonadora and a few telenovelas, I arrived here, thanks for sharing that links even I don't understand hispanic :p

  4. hi my name is edna, i love dis telenovela so much, EL NOMBRE DEL AMOR and need to download it, can u help me.

  5. My dear,
    Please help me download the 15 Most popular telenovelas, including DONA BEIJA (In English or French version).

    • I’m sorry, I don’t help anybody download anything. I just provided the link for people’s use. The linked website has nothing whatsoever to do with me.

      Dona Beija is the best telenovela ever, though.

  6. Thank you my dear,
    Dona Beija is my best telenovela. I lost it sometime back, and now I don’t know how to download it. Can anyone help me?

  7. ahh im too late..i cant download from the site..mostly files has been removed..n they put tht new way to download on megatelenovelas.blogspot in their homepage but i cant c the blog because its invitation only..haisss my bad luck..

  8. hello dear , i have a request please can u telle me how can i download the telenovela ‘la loba ‘ i like it sooo much specially the lead actor is so handsome ^^ . i am waiting for your answer and thank’s

  9. Can you please assist me to download shelter of love? This is a good job. Would like to join your Spanish classes.

  10. Pls which site can i download Rosa Diamante and Los Herederos del Monte English version or the Spanish with subtitles

  11. Please Clarissa can you give me a link so I can download Precious Rose. I’d very grateful and happy if you can help

  12. Hi there! Do you know where can i download por tu amor (maria del cieli) with english sub or tagalog. Thanks.

  13. Hey clarisa i need to download la que no podia amar where can i find it and i wish it is tra in english subtitles plzz

  14. Please where can I download cruel love with english subtitles. Please I do need the link, thank u.

  15. hi. please clarissa. can u please show me how to download a movie from this site. i would like to download what life took from me

  16. Can anyone help me find a link where I can watch avenida brasil with english subs. Ive been searching with no luck at all and I’m in desperate need to watch it. PLEASE HELP!!

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