Fried Chicken Salad

Talking about food, I just saw a restaurant offer a “fried chicken salad” for lunch. I can just imagine the virtuous feeling the customers get from being able to say, “Oh, I just had a salad today.”

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7 comments on “Fried Chicken Salad

  1. Heh, I love these heuristics for figuring out if food is virtuous our not. To diverge from that restaurant and your blogpost quite a bit, the dichotomy seems to be healthy, made-from-scratch food vs unhealthy, convenient food, which results in a bunch of middle class (therefore most socially insecure) women competing amongst each other over how “healthy” and “green” (read: time-consuming) the food they feed to their families can get. Me, I’d rather get a shaorma (pita bread, raw vegetables and roasted chicken – one can skip the fries and, in the better shaorma places, get sauces that don’t come from a bottle and taste better than ketchup anyway) and spend the time I freed on either self-improvement or raw hedonism.

  2. Don’t look to me as a role model — I’m about to pop ’round for onion bhajis and a chip shop curry …

    I KNOW … *broadly beaming grin*… I’ll have them put it on a salad.

    It won’t faze them a bit, I suspect — they’ll just think I’m five sheets to the wind like most of the other customers right now …

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