You Don’t Know Me

My friend Ol. asks me to share the stunning story of my visits to the gym.

The really shocking part of this news is that not only do I go to the gym 3-5 times a week but that I also drive there. OK, I don’t drive there every time but only when the car is available to me (meaning, the weekends.)

Today, for instance, I drove to the restaurant where we had breakfast, to a new gift store we have in town, to the Office Depot, the grocery store, and then to Sam’s Club (all these stores are located in different areas of our town.) And then I drove back home, even though it is raining really hard.

And the weirdest thing? I don’t hate any of this. The visits to the gym are actually enjoyable.

People who don’t know me in person are now thinking that this is a very boring post.

People who do know me in person are now thinking that they don’t really know me any longer.

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6 comments on “You Don’t Know Me

  1. Just think for a while what you have done for somebody to think she doesnt know you. It is very likely somebody thinks that you have done something extremely offensive. Just think about it.

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