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Thursday Link Encyclopedia

Scott Walker is extremely creepy: “Potential 2016 Republican presidential candidate and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) said in an interview on Friday that mandatory ultrasounds for women hoping to get an abortion was “just a cool thing.” 

And here is another example of Scott Walker’s insane love and support of Big Government. I’m telling you, people, this guy has very serious mental issues. I would not say this lightly. Jeb Bush, for instance? Stupid and useless but not sick. Mitt Romney? A congenital idiot but not unhealthy. Scott Walker, though? Serious issues.

Of course, Mitt Romney might be sane but  his supporters aren’t always very stable. A woman ran over her husband with an SUV because he didn’t vote for Mitt Romney.

A recent study of overworked management consultants in the US found that 35% employed in this occupation actually “faked” an 80-hour work week.” There is an even greater number of such people in academia. The most “overworked” and “stressed out” are always those who never publish anything and teach the same course for decades.

Kerry’s humiliation only worked for a short time: “Russia’s army is massing troops and hundreds of pieces of weaponry including mobile rocket launchers, tanks and artillery at a makeshift base near the border with Ukraine, a Reuters reporter saw this week.”

Everybody is in a tizzy over mandatory T-shirts for girls at a pool party and nobody is noticing the real scandal: the mandatory use of flip-flops.

Alas most people simply cannot think for a few seconds, and it is at these minimally-competent masses that most technology is now squarely aimed.” So true.

[Spanish]. Gender-selective abortions in Spain. Barbarity spreads and gains ground.

The new entries in Merriam-Webster‘s unabridged dictionary.

And competing for the title of the idiot of the week, “creationist suggest that if we believe in Evolution that Josh Duggar did nothing wrong.

It is sad that completely unqualified, pedagogically illiterate people make it into higher ed.

How hypocrite Michelle Duggar compared transgender people to ‘child predators’ 12 years AFTER her own son admitted molesting young girls as they slept.” These people are beyond disgusting.

Even though there are idiots who don’t like long books, this might be the year of the extremely long novel. Yay!

This is the best piece ever on why print journalism is dying. I was about to write this post myself but the linked author did it better than I ever could.

You will never believe which TV show this is about: “It introduced a drama of true complexity and characters of great depth, qualities absent in the television landscape at the time.  It felt less like older dramas like NYPD Blue orthirtysomething and more like European art cinema.” People are so weird.

This might make you feel sorry for Jeb Bush.

Life is too short for a full-time job. Too short, and too precious.” We will be hearing more and more of this in the coming year. I’m trying very hard not to be judgmental and I’m almost succeeding. OK, this is a lie, I’m not succeeding.

The vast majority of the claimed benefits of nursing simply do not hold up when we look at the best data.” Like anybody with half a brain doubted this.

Poor little rich women. “Little” is definitely the word here.

Will the United States remain the most powerful country in the world? Many think not. Those who feel this way also tend to think that China’s ascent will lead to America’s decline.” Oh, come on. China is so not it. I thought that the decade of fretting over the ridiculous fantasy of China as the world’s next superpower was long over.

Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College, a women’s college in Indiana, announced Tuesday that it will start to admit men.” This is amazing news. Ghettoization of education is just wrong.

Sharia law at Walmart! Horrible panic! Apocalypse! Scary, scary shit! No, not really. It’s just funny.

Can you steal an education?

Damages Begins to Disappoint

So we’ve started watching Damages and I’m already disappointed. Famous lawyers are running around bars and weddings begging some two-bit dime-a-dozen job candidate to come work for them?

Unless we discover very soon that she is about to inherit an enormous fortune or something I will not be able to process this premise.

Also, a guy who proposes the day after his girlfriend gets a job with an enormous salary and doesn’t get the ring stuffed up his anal cavity?

Is this supposed to be fantasy genre?

Insensitive Pay Raises

Our current Dean (who will only remain Dean for the next few weeks, thank God) says that it will be “insensitive” to give professors cost-of-living salary increases (that we haven’t seen for 3 years now) when we are forced to fire some support staff people. We have an enormous support staff bloat and having to eliminate a tiny portion of it as a result of budget cuts is actually a godsend. 

A more idiotic argument against salary increases for professors the world has never known. Everybody seems to adore this Dean except me. He is this very saccharine sort of person who just smiles, signs and equivocates just as he keeps doing really shitty things.

He’s the one who flatly refused to offer even $10 towards my trip to Oxford, by the way. In the meanwhile, he wasted quite a bit of money on a reception for support staff where every useless paper-pusher on campus received a rose courtesy of our university. Obviously, nothing of the kind has ever been organized for people who solve all the problems the stupid paper-pushers create.


One show I like and am sorry that it was canceled was Boss, with Kelsey Grammer and the lady from Law & Order: SVU. That was a good show even though the camera person  (people?) either couldn’t hold a camera straight or was trying to be all artsy (which is something I detest).

I just finished watching Boss on Netflix, and I’m sure the reason why it was canceled is that it had no positive characters that people could identify with. Many  (and maybe even most) people can’t watch or read anything if they can’t “identify.” Which testifies to the poverty of their individuality.

I’m also binge-watching Gilmore Girls (I can’t write unless I have something playing in the background). It’s a great show but it’s too bluntly and unimaginatively Freudian even for me. Rory grows up without a Dad, so she is clingy, weepy and pathetic with guys. Lorelei has controlling parents, so she has huge commitment issues and suffers from sexual dysfunction. And yes, that’s how it works, but this could all be presented more elegantly.

So here are my television experiences of the moment. What are yours? Anything to recommend?

How Not to Fight Information Wars

There is an article  in the NYTimes arguing that the Democratic Party has moved to the Left. And now every Leftie blogger is having fits trying to explain why this isn’t true. As if being to the Left of Bill Clinton were somehow shameful or a bad thing. Or as if being more radical or extreme in one’s beliefs were something negative.

I don’t get these people. A major newspaper presents as a fait accompli something they keep saying they wish for. Whether it’s true or not right now is completely irrelevant because the way to make it true is to present it as a fact everybody knows. People hear it from a source they trust, believe it, and it turns into reality.

This NYTIMES article is a gift to any Democrat who is to the Left of Bill Clinton  (and today that’s pretty much every Democrat).

Rule #11 of information wars: getting your enemy to declare that your hopes and dreams have already come true constitutes a huge win.

The Death of Full-time Employment

Alain Touraine (the famous French sociologist) says that full-time employment is disappearing in favor of mushrooming part-time / temp gigs because there is a huge demand for precisely this type of change among people coming on the job market now.

I do understand that such enormous social shifts do not happen unless there’s demand for them. But I belong to  a different generation and come from a different world. This is so counterintuitive to me that I get it but I still don’t get it.

A New Game

I’m playing some weird game with the nurse, the pharmacy, and the doctor.

The doctor prescribes me something but the opinionated Irish nurse believes the medication is “voodoo science” and “forgets” to phone it in. 

I go to the pharmacy and make an ass out of myself, insisting that the scrip has to be there and pharmacists need to keep looking for it.

Then I call the doctor, he tells the nurse to phone in the prescription, I go back to the pharmacy. . . and the whole thing repeats itself.

The fact that my student works at the pharmacy and greets me with a joyful and loud, “Hey, professor, how sick are you that you have to be here so often?!? Hey, everybody, this is my professor!” adds an extra layer of enjoyment to the whole experience.

Surplus Men

Russia is building fortifications on the border with Ukraine to prevent the killers it sent there from coming back.

The war with Ukraine is being used in Russia to get rid of the most aggressive, impossible to socialize men who are a great burden on the country’s economy  (don’t forget that this is a country where the enormous majority of families has a woman act as the sole breadwinner) and might pose a threat to the regime’s stability.

These surplus men are being spit out into Ukraine and left there to die or do what they will as long as they don’t come back. This population formatting is not Russia’s only reason for continuing the war with Ukraine but it’s one of reasons.

The women will not miss these men because great numbers of men from Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan have been imported to substitute them. The importees are a lot less likely to engage in social unrest because they are immigrants, they don’t understand the host culture very well, their own cultures are profoundly patriarchal, and they are terrified of deportation.

I fail to think of a group of people in the last 100 years who have been as consistently sacrificed and slaughtered in huge numbers for such a long time as Russian men. It’s a veritable genocide that’s been going on for 101 years and that nobody is even noticing.

Of course, it isn’t noticed because they are doing it to each other but still, what a waste of human potential!



I found several hedgehog farms in our state but N is against buying a pet hedgehog. He says he’ll feel horrible putting the creature in a cage.

CV Formatting

There are many scams these days that try to swindle job seekers out of money. CV formatting services are an example of such a scam.

There is absolutely nothing such a service can offer that will improve one’s chances at employment. The format of a CV is of minuscule importance, if any.

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