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The Clinic

I didn’t make any announcements about the pregnancy because even though most people are very normal and kind, there’s always a couple of aggressive fools who come out of nowhere and start freaking out all over you.

Because of my history, this was obviously a high-risk pregnancy, and I found this great clinic in St Louis that specializes in precisely this kind of cases. This is a team of great doctors and nurses who watch you very closely and support you throughout the pregnancy. For many weeks, they would call me on the phone once or twice a day, EVERY day, helping me handle things.

All of the doctors in this practice seem to have training in psychology, and this is what helps them work with patients like me. 

The bad news, however, is that I’m one of the clinic’s last full-time patients. The clinic is ditching the long-term, personalized care and will adopt a conveyor belt approach of seeing random patients on a situational, crisis – solving basis. I’m happy Klara and I managed to squeak by before this happened.

Today Is the Happiest Day of My Life

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So Bernie said that electing him would be as historic a milestone as electing the first woman president? Because he represents the 0,02% of the population that identifies as socialist?

I’m getting tired of giving the benefit of the doubt. If O’Malley – let alone Trump – said this, no benefit of the doubt would go their way.

The Post-NH Hillary / Bernie Debate

What say you, people? How is the debate going? Don’t leave me hanging, give me your impressions! I can’t be there right now, but I need to know what’s happening.

Bernie Attacks Barack

People keep saying that Bernie has started courting the black vote. Is the following how he tries to do it?

Bernie Sanders questioned President Barack Obama’s leadership in a new interview, suggesting that he would be able to close a divide between Americans and government that the Obama administration has left open throughout his presidency. 

“There’s a huge gap right now between Congress and the American people,” Sanders said in an interview with MSNBC that will air Thursday on “The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell.” “What presidential leadership is about [is] closing that gap.”

Sanders acknowledged that Obama has tried to bridge the divide but said he hasn’t succeeded. “But I think what we need, when I talk about a political revolution, is bringing millions and millions of people into the political process in a way that does not exist right now,” he said. 

A black fellow is incompetent, weak and divisive while a white fellow will magically achieve what that poor doofus couldn’t, eh? Good to know.

My Philosophical Disagreement with Bernie

What do you think about this Bernie ad?

I don’t like it. The idea it transmits is “everybody is the same, everybody is interchangeable, everybody is easily manipulated and needs me to condescend to them and tell them not to be manipulated. I stand above the faceless, nameless, interchangeable masses.” 

And it’s not just the ad, it’s the whole philosophical basis for Bernie’s campaign that alienates me. I don’t need more money, I don’t need free healthcare (I already have it and it sucks dick), I don’t need free college, I don’t need any part of what he’s offering.

What I do need he dismisses as trivial and unimportant. He wants to chase me back into the American 1970s that were peachy for people like him but shitty for people like me. In order to lure me back there, he tries to convince me that our interests are the same and being an immigrant and a woman has no special meaning. And that’s exactly the lie people like me have been buying into for 150 years with the same bad results. 

I don’t mind paying more taxes even though I’m well-aware that I personally will gain absolutely nothing and lose a lot under Bernie’s system of wealth distribution. But I want to see, at least, the recognition that I have needs of my own and I’m being asked to be very charitable and magnanimous and sacrifice those needs for the benefit of others. Don’t shit on my head and tell me I should be grateful because the pile of shit is protecting my ears from freezing.

The Meryl Streep Debacle

There is a huge amount of howling about the interview Meryl Streep – one of the two Hollywood actresses with any talent at all – gave at the Berlin Film Festival. I find, however, that Streep was uncommonly kind and gracious to people who seem incapable of conducting themselves with any degree of decency. Here is the part that I found absolutely shocking:

Asked by an Egyptian reporter whether she understood films from the Arab world and North Africa, Streep said while she didn’t know much about the region, “I’ve played a lot of different people from a lot of different cultures.”

When some dime a dozen quack journalist dares to take this tone with a world-class super star, the star in question needs to be an extremely charitable person to continue the conversation. I would like to see this creep of a journalist ask a male celebrity if he understands some crap movie or other. 

What’s especially obnoxious is that every feminist website in my blogroll is piling on Streep and not on this disrespectful, obnoxious jerkwad of a journalist. And then the same pseudo-feminists will whine how nobody takes them seriously in professional contexts, seeing zero connection between their readiness to support public putdowns of successful women and their own incapacity to be treated with respect in public spaces.

The Causes of Sexual Repression

Reader Crystallizing Chaos always asks very profound questions. Here is the most recent one:

What is the cause of widespread sexual repression around the world?

A repression of all of our natural, animal instincts is the price we pay for civilization. None of our physiological functions (eating, sleeping, excreting, sex, procreation) occur whenever we feel the need for them to happen. Every single time we experience these basic needs, we thwart our desire, repress our wishes, and shroud the activity in a system of socially acceptable rituals.

The result of all this repression is a more comfortable existence in society. Coexisting with other humans would be even more unpleasant than what it now is if everybody satisfied their physiological needs the moment the fancy struck them.

The result of these constant limitations we place on our physiological urges is two-pronged:

1. We channel the resulting frustration into positive things (art, creativity, the life of the intellect, etc)

2. We channel the resulting frustration into negative things (war, self-destruction, illness, drugs, alcohol, etc)

This is the inescapable dilemma of human existence: repression makes life more comfortable, beautiful, hygienic, and pleasant but it also destroys us. The only way out is for an individual to master the art of channeling the frustration into more positive and less self-destructive things.

The Shortest Soviet Joke: A Riddle

The shortest Soviet joke was the famous real slogan that you could see on many Soviet billboards, “Fly Aeroflot!” The two words still put me in stitches every time I hear them. We, the last remnants of the USSR, use this slogan in a variety of situations to transmit a meaning only we understand.

Riddle: why is the Soviet slogan “Fly Aeroflot!” so funny?

P.S. N reminds me that there was another very short Soviet joke, “A Jewish janitor.” But this one is hardly a riddle.

Wednesday Link Encyclopedia

A clinic that was trying to offer a tiny measure of protection to miserable, mistreated kids is destroyed by a bunch of unhinged “trans activists.”

The reality is that Bernie voters know that Bernie isn’t going to get to implement even a tiny portion of the things he proposes. . . Given a choice of voting for an insider who has been part of that fail over the past forty years, or for an outsider who hasn’t been part of that fail, Bernie voters choose to vote for the outsider. This isn’t Bernie supporters being immature or unrealistic. This is Bernie voters being desperate.” The kind of childish tantrum described here is the definition of immaturity, buddy. The Bernie voters described in this quote are whiny, stupid children with zero brain matter. I’m not saying that actual Bernie supporters are this way, of course. The author of the linked piece is simply projecting.

A brilliant, brilliant, brilliant post by a Hillary supporter. For fairness’ sake, I’d love to link to something as strong by a Bernie supporter but all I’m finding is as weak and mumbly as the stuff I linked above. The bern people feel is not translating into strong writing. But I’ll keep looking!

There are strong, meaningful posts questioning Bernie, though. Here is one. Mind you, I don’t like this author. But it’s undeniable that this is strong writing.

You’ll be shocked to see the obnoxious way in which fundamentalists mock restaurant servers.

As we say in my culture, Inside Higher Ed is so desperate that it started to fuck mice. The academic publication promotes the services of some quack who sells fake essays (slightly disguised but still) to college students.

Austrian police tries to excuse the actions of a man who raped a small boy. Read the whole story to see how the rapist explained why he committed the crime.

Talking about creeps, the bizarredom of people who persecute kids for exchanging nude photos is sickening. The only reason why they get so aroused by the practice is. . . that they get aroused by it and freak out over these feelings.

Rich, spoiled brats use the BLM movement to excuse their ridiculous screwups. Disgusting!

Elizabeth Warren is dishonest. Color me unsurprised.

Tenured professors are fired for displeasing an administrator.

The aggressive egg and the meek sperm: how we project our hangups onto the process of fertilization.

As I keep saying, Democrats are doing all they can to scare away as many reasonable voters as possible.

To a great extent, multiculturalism and other forms of “global consciousness” serve as companions to economic globalization. They promise to teach us how to navigate cultural differences in ways that defuse conflict, promote cooperation, and thus ease the way toward a global marketplace overseen by well-trained, benevolent technocrats from the Kennedy School of Government.” Yes.

Newborn nurseries are being closed to service an anti-woman, patriarchal agenda with dire consequences.

Immigrants contribute to economic inequality by being so much more driven and successful.

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