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Wallowing in Self-delusion

My primary objection to HRC is that she’s the queen of self-negotiation and incremental baby steps. That might have been necessary in the 1990s, when the Right was on the ascendancy. But right now, the Right is in chaos. It is falling apart. It has never been so vulnerable.

Are people mental or just plain stupid? The Congress is firmly Republican, more and more governorships are falling to the GOP, more and more states go from blue to toss-up to red. In the meanwhile, we sit here fantasizing about an imaginary advantage over people who hold us by the throat and chirp idiotically about political rrrrevolutions.

The nation-state model is eroding, and we have nothing else to offer but the disappearing nation-state. This is not a moment for dumb self-congratulation. This is the time when we need to search frantically for new narratives, not cling to the ancient ones. They are dead. All that keeps them in existence is our nostalgia. It’s time to move on.

Bill Goes After Bernie

Bill Clinton is criticizing Bernie’s campaign for sexism, and that’s good. It’s high time we had this conversation. I don’t in the least believe that Bernie is consciously sexist. He is simply a man of a different era and can’t help bringing his sensibilities of 50 years ago to a world that has changed and demands something better.

We all remember how clumsy Bernie was on the issue of parental leave, trying to massage it into the uncomfortable framework of Madonna and baby.  We have also seen how glaring the contrast was between Sanders and the much younger O’Malley when answering the question as to what their wives were going to do in case their husbands won.

Without being in the least aware of it, Sanders is couching every attack on Hillary in sexist terms. And when asked about the venomous woman – hatred of way too many of his supporters, he shrugs dismissively and says, “Yes, it’s wrong but we can’t control every single supporter.” Now would be a really good time for Bernie to talk seriously and at length to his supporters about this issue but he simply doesn’t have the language for it.

Laws of Romantic Engagement

Gloria Steinem is now apologizing for the unintelligent statement she made about young women supporting Bernie to make young men like them. The statement is not only taken straight from the 1940s but is also also very ignorant of the basic laws of romantic engagement.

If you are young and want a particular person to like you, don’t agree with them! To the contrary, find something they care about and express a contrary opinion in a tired voice and prefacing it with, “As we all know. . .” And then behave as if the issue were so clear that it required no further discussion. Even 11 – year-olds today know that this is a winning strategy.

Of course, people who are older dispense with these youthful tricks because they know that a partner who requires effort is not worth it. The only partner who makes sense is the one who needs no convincing, persuading or purposeful attempts to attract.

A Woman Is Always Guilty

We keep hearing endless condemnations of Hillary for the 1996 welfare reform – with which she had absolutely nothing to do whatsoever and which has been unfairly maligned. One side blames Hillary for Bill’s sex life. The people who are supposed to be on the opposite side blame her for his work life. She just can’t win.

Yet we never hear anything about how badly Bernie Sanders – and mind you, not Bernie’s wife, daughter or aunt – bungled on the VA scandal. Because it’s so much more crucial to bash Hillary on somebody else’s actions.

Yeah, no sexism here at all. None.

A Debate in Flint

Have you heard that CNN will be holding the next Democratic debate in Flint? This is good because it’s time we dropped the soundbites everybody heard a hundred times before and talked about Flint.

This is a phenomenon we will be seeing more and more often until we finally awaken to its deadly consequences: Snyder, Rauner, these spoiled, useless rich brats who are lazy and stupid beyond what words can describe. They get elected to governorships and people start dying off because these freaks know nothing but corruption and grift.

The only way to put an end to this insanity is to talk about the crimes of these animals and make them as widely known as possible. And I hope that a debate in Flint will attract people’s attention to what’s been happening.

Liberals for Trump

The real danger of nominating Hillary is that many passionate Leftists feel such a rabid hatred towards women that they will easily convince themselves that Trump or Cruz are a lot more Liberal than Hillary. And their passionate dislike of immigrants will help.

Actually, they have already started making the “Trump is so progressive” argument.

Campaign Slogans

“Feel the Bern” is the most talented campaign slogan I’ve ever heard. It’s memorable, it transmits the enthusiasm the candidate’s supporters are feeling, it’s perfect.

It’s very curious that the most anti-capitalist candidate is the best at branding. The rest of slogans can’t measure up at all. Hillary’s “Ready for Hillary” (has she changed it yet?) does have meaning but it’s gauche and kind of forced, like the candidate’s famous laugh. The campaign should have taken the idea and worked much harder on the wording.

The sadly notorious “Jeb!” is trying to make an important point (he’s not some nameless Bush, he’s an individual in his own right!) but coupled with the candidate’s vapid personality and non-existent support, the exclamation mark sounds pathetic.

Trump’s “Make America great again” sounds whiny and as if it were coming from a spoiled rich brat. (Oh, wait. . .) The candidate hasn’t been elected anywhere but he already tells us what to do.

Of course, the most embarrassing slogan is Ted Cruz’s invocation of transrectal ultrasounds (“TRUSted.) The slogan underscores the general impression that the candidate has something large permanently stuck in his anal cavity.

What the rest of the slogans are I don’t even know because they are lazy and generic.

A Traumatized Policeman

And one more post on intolerable trauma. Remember the white police officer in Chicago who showed up at the apartment of a mentally ill black teenager? The policeman killed the teenager, killed a neighboring grandma, obviously claimed self-defense, it’s an old story we’ve all heard many times. But here is a curious new twist.

The policeman is suing the family of the dead teen for $10,000,000 claiming that he was hugely traumatized by the event. The event being him shooting the teenager and the grandma while being paid to do his job of policing.

No, seriously.

Victimized by Dirty Plates

We often hear about young people freaking out and declaring themselves hugely victimized by non-existent offences, but this is something that older people do, too. A 47 – year-old Italian man claims to have been victimized by a few dirty plates:

A man from Lazio is taking his wife to court for “mistreatment of the family” because she did not cook or clean enough, Italian media reported on Thursday. The 40-year-old woman from the town of Sonnino has been charged with “mistreatment of the family” due to what her husband describes as “poor management of the household chores”. The charge could result in a jail sentence of up to six years.

Victimization has turned into such a badge of honor that people literally run around desperately looking for a reason to present themselves to the world as victims.

Within the consumerist model, the only satisfying contact is the one we have with inanimate objects. Other human beings have a will of their own, and thus, any encounter with an actual person is fraught with the danger that our desires might be thwarted. A consumer sees that as the greatest injustice and rebels.

In-law Battles

People who battle their mother- and father-in-law in reality want to battle their parents but don’t dare to. In-laws are “parents for dummies” or “parents light” and going after them is a less scary, easier version of rebelling against the actual parents.

Fathers- and mothers-in-law who battle their children’s spouses are playing out an unconfessed incestuous scenario. It doesn’t involve any sex. It’s all about seeing their own children as substitute romantic partners.

When the incestuous scenario on one side and the thwarted rebellion on the other side come together, painful, protracted battles that span decades ensue.

P.S. This isn’t about me, these are general musings. I saw my mother-in-law twice on Skype and she was very cordial yet indifferent. Which works perfectly for me.

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