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Still Struggling with Grandin

Seriously, this Grandin fellow is just the limit. The number of utterly idiotic statements he can produce in a fairly short space is impressive.

When Castro sent troops to Angola, that was a wonderful thing to do because those miserable Cubans (dragged all the way to Africa against their will and spat at by the dictatorship afterwards, by the way) were fighting for “freedom.” When Kissinger gets the CIA involved in Angola in some unspecified way, that’s horrible because that’s not about fighting for “freedom.”

The USSR never engaged in the arms race, not even in the 1950s.

The US could have and should have just stopped participating in the Cold War.

The US should have demilitarized in the 1970s and used that money to prevent the global economic crisis of the second half of the decade.

I’m having to force myself through his rambling mess of a book whose only organizing principle is the author’s extreme incapacity to notice that people who don’t happen to be American are fully human.

Greg Grandin Is Dumb

This Grandin fellow is dumb with the stupidity of 20 total dumbos. He goes on and on and endlessly on, trying to prove his shocking discovery that. . . Nixon and Kissinger tailored foreign policy to suit domestic needs.

Of course, every elected politician does that. Even Putin, who’s not an elected politician, tries, first and foremost, to impress his citizenship and serve domestic needs with whatever he does internationally. And he doesn’t have to worry about getting reelected.

The rest of the book is toilet jokes, anti-Semitic barbs, and dumb, trivial statements by a very superficial fellow.

Obama’s Press Conference

Hey, are you, folks, watching Obama’s press conference? It’s really good. I don’t even mind my Dr. Phil being displaced by it because he’s saying valuable stuff on both domestic and foreign affairs.

The Hell That Is Other People

From Greg Grandin’s book on Kissinger:

Kissinger dwelled awhile on the danger statesmen face when they point out to their nation’s people that they are not, in fact, the world, that their aspirations are not boundless, that other peoples, with different interests and experiences, exist. Unwilling to accept these limits, citizens often stage “an almost hysterical, if subconscious, rebellion against foreign policy.

This is absolutely spot on. Here’s the reason why the US foreign policy is so impotent. Voters flip out whenever foreign affairs are mentioned because they are traumatized by the realization that other human beings, with the will and interests of their own, exist.

Governor #Rauner ‘s War on Children

A colleague has a little girl who is very sick. The child’s pediatrician refuses to provide her with medical assistance because Illinois’s Governor Rauner has suspended all payments on medical insurance claims of state workers.

Rauner ran on a pro-family, pro-life platform, yet immediately after getting elected he started punishing the citizens of the state for the legislature’s refusal to accept his plan of denying medical and social services to disabled children and the elderly.

My colleague’s daughter is only one of the many children whose lives are put at risk by Rauner’s vicious greed.

Shame on Rauner who is trying to murder sick kids in the state of Illinois!

Is Peeple a Hoax?

There is now increasing suspicion that Peeple is a hoax.

I have one reason to believe it might not have been a hoax, and it’s a pretty potent one. A founder of Peeple owned 2 recruitment companies. This makes the probability that she is an asshole airhead extremely high.

I happen to be very familiar with the industry and have to say that way too many recruiters are clueless boneheads. The chirpy lady of Peeple sounds very real to me.

Subhuman in Russia

In Russia, a state-approved Civics textbook for eighth-graders informs the students that mentally ill people are not fully human and can’t be considered citizens.


Does anybody understand why Gissendaner got the death penalty? As far as I could gather, she didn’t even do anything aside from saying something to her boyfriend. I mean, put her in jail if that’s the law, but the death penalty? For talking?

Like in the case of Charles Manson, I don’t get the tradition of punishing people who pronounce words more harshly than those who commit murder using those words as an excuse.

Oregon Shooter a Columbine Copycat?

Hey, did you hear that the Oregon shooter seems to have done a Columbine tribute during the massacre?

That’s the problem with horrible crimes like Columbine. They bring up copycats for decades to come.

The More I Learn

So it turns out that Planned Parenthood charges patients the insane amount of $800 for an abortion pill.

I’m floored by all these revelations. When I donated to the organization, I thought it was a non-profit that provided crucial services to people in need. And now it turns out that, instead, it ripped off desperate women to keep its loser bureaucrats in extreme luxury.

This is beyond disgusting.

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