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Alms for Greece

Did you know that there’s an indiegogo campaign to bail out Greece?

This is probably the most massive instance of alms giving ever.

I’m not very supportive of Greece because unlike Spaniards  (who are the first to point out how they created the disastrous situation in their economy, Greeks are all about blaming someone else, and that’s just boring.

Scary Wipers

I turned on the windshield wipers on the highway and was horrified to see blood red lines appear on the windshield. It seriously looked like I’d had a dead body on the car.

Moral of the story: don’t park under trees that have weird red fruit growing on them.

Who Created ISIS

One group of acquaintances is convinced that Putin created ISIS. Another group of acquaintances believes that Obama created ISIS. Both groups look daggers at me when I suggest that maybe the members of ISIS created ISIS.

A Small News Update

1. The Netherlands have finished their official investigation of the crash of the flight MH17. The investigators will soon make it public.

2. The American far right scored a huge victory this week. The Tea Party managed to shut down the Ex-Im bank. Obama is still fighting to save it, though.

3. One of Josh Duggar ‘ s victims who’s not a family member is filing a suit against him.

4. Dilma Rousseff is finally meeting with Obama to distract attention from a huge corruption scandal in Brazil.

5. Macy’s is ditching Donald Trump – branded underwear.

6. Rand Paul’s campaign is do hopeless that he is ducking up to Cliven Bundy. Nobody else will vote for him, it seems.

7. The US soccer team beat Germany 2:0.

8. The US is opening an embassy in Cuba.

So most of the news today looks good.

Feel free to mention whatever you care about.

Happy Canada Day!

It’s not a good sign of one’s Canadianess when one discovers that today is Canada Day from a Ukrainian website. Plus, I don’t have a drop of maple syrup in the house.

I have a feeling Canada will soon call for its passport back.


After the fires and the inundations, clouds of locusts are devastating Russia.


It’s hard to avoid being on the lookout for the four horsemen of the Apocalypse.

What Tenure?

A tenured professor was fired for saying the words “fuck” and “pussy” in the classroom.

Want to guess what she was accused of? Sexual harassment.

Now that she’s gone, the tender little snowflakes can be free from the horrible trauma of this very intolerable vocabulary.

Once again, where is the idiot commenter who was convinced that tenure means one can’t get fired? Hello, idiot, are you still being idiotic or have you come to your senses?

Greeks Take to the Streets


Greeks have finally clocked on to what’s happening and have taken to the streets to beg idiot Tsipras to pay the creditors and do all he can not to abandon the Euro zone.

I feel bad for the Greeks. As if the situation didn’t suck enough, they had to go and saddle themselves with the Tsipras fellow.

P.S. Of course, many of these protesters are only there because their employers made them. But still, it’s good to see more than one intelligent Greek at a time.

The Political Opinions of Toddlers

In case you need any more proof that people are oblivious and stupid.

A blogger writes about the ideological conditioning that her findamentalist parents subjected her to and that she now resents:

Ten years ago I cheered as politicians denounced gay marriage. Ten years ago I spoke to reporters, explaining my support for “traditional marriage.” And here I am, ten years later, crying tears of joy that marriage equality is now the law of the land in all fifty states.

Without any transition from this thought, though, she continues to tell the readers the following about her 6 – year-old daughter:

My daughter Sally has been a supporter of marriage equality since she first became aware of it several years ago.

Just like her parents, the blogger is so utterly clueless that she believes a toddler is capable of having political opinions. In reality, of course, any kid’s political agenda consists entirely of pleasing Mommy and Daddy. The poor child just says whatever she needs to please Mommy, and the insistence with which she feels she need to perform this task is quite sad. And the blogger (who has published maybe over a hundred posts denouncing her parents for stuffing their politics down her throat since her childhood) is not noticing that she is parroting her parents in a really scary way.

The chances that the blogger’s daughter will grow up and start a blog about how her oppressive parents dragged her to gay – support rallies but now she has repented and knows better are extremely high. Because everybody needs to construct their own identity outside of the shadow of lecturing parents.

P.S. By the way, when I was a child, nobody lectured me on gay marriage (because it wasn’t an issue under discussion in the USSR at all), and you know what? I grew up and figured it out all on my own. And I’m sure that my support of gay rights is entirely my own because I was accidentally left in peace to make up my own mind.

Fretting About Vice

And the moaning about the horrible spread of vice is getting to a hysterical pitch. Here is David Brooks ‘ s latest bout of bellyaching:

We live in a society plagued by formlessness and radical flux, in which bonds, social structures and

commitments are strained and frayed. Millions of kids live in stressed and fluid living arrangements. Many communities have suffered a loss of social capital. Many young people grow up in a sexual and social environment rendered barbaric because there are no common norms.

People are very uneducated. If they read any books at all, they’d know that this kind of whining has existed for as long as human beings have been able to pen a sentence. Older folks begin to fret about vice and barbaric sexual environments whenever their own capacity to “sin” begins to falter.

Becoming very preoccupied with the supposedly fraying moral fiber of society is not only boring as hell but also a sign of irreversible old age.

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