Philip Bobbitt says that the death of the nation-state will be accompanied by the death of one of its most ambitious and valuable projects: the obligatory primary and secondary education of all citizens provided by the state free of charge. I would absolutely hate to see that happen and so would Bobbitt. But it’s going on already.

I haven’t had cable TV at home for several years. Now I switched it on again and one thing that I’m noticing is how aggressive, shameless and I’d say even angry the advertisement for online schooling (meaning, no schooling at all) of K-12 kids is. 

The curious thing is that the destruction of the compulsory education is not (yet) being promoted by the worshipers of free markets. They obviously will participate with glee in the project but for now it is an affliction that people are happily inflicting on themselves. Here is, for instance, an example of the so-called “unschooling.” It makes my hair stand on end precisely because I know what an enormous civilization achievement was the creation of a compulsory, free, inclusive system of education. It took our  civilization millennia to get there. I’m now fearing it will take all of two seconds to destroy it.

Today, I was talking to students about the Roman Empire and the Caliphate of Córdoba. The constant refrain of the lecture was, “And then – as tends to happen all of the time – barbarians came and destroyed this great civilization.” I don’t want to be saying this about us twenty years from now.

And then again, I might not even have any students to say it to if things continue this way.

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A Short Update

I know I haven’t posted anything interesting for a few days and I’m sorry! Classes have begun and I need to get used to the new schedule and figure out my routine. Since I had no actual vacations, I have trouble staying awake long enough to teach my 4 courses.

My classes run one after another this semester, with only 15-minute breaks between them. I don’t mind because they are all in Spanish. It’s hard for me to switch from Spanish to English and back but this semster I don’t have anything in English.

All of the courses are higher-level which is also great. I’m very happy with the students this year because they are very enthusiastic, engaged, and very advanced. I will have to change half of the activities I prepared because these students are too advanced for them.

I promise to post something profound as soon as I can think of it.

Russian Fashion Show

There was a fashion show of young designers in Moscow the other day. One of the collections featured kid models who were dressed in outfits made out of Russian, Ukrainian and American flags.

The child model dressed in the Ukrainian flag walked onto the catwalk with a gun and started pointing it at other “countries” and then turned it on herself. After enacting this ritualistic suicide, “Ukraine” was saved by the model wearing the Russian flag.

Only really sick fucks can make a child enact suicide on stage to make some ridiculous political point.

So It Goes On

Another person was shot dead today in St. Louis. It seems that the only thing these police know how to do is kill people. They probably think a great way to make their jobs easier is to mow down as much population as possible.

Empty Shells

I’m a lot less interested in discussing how the police fucked up in Ferguson (because I never expected much better from them) than I am in the civilians who have exhibited such an insane degree of racism that it’s scary.

Just like I said in the case of the freaks who kept screeching “Men and women are different,” racists are empty shells where human beings could have but never did reside and who try to fill the void with “I can’t tolerate being such a nobody, so I will find individuality in being different from somebody else.” This is why they are so attached to their racism and sexism: there is absolutely nothing else there.

There are not only rights but also responsibilities attendant on being human. One such responsibility is fashioning one’s individuality. Sadly, many folks are too stupid even to attempt something like that. They do, however, perceive that something is deeply flawed in them. Nobody likes feeling inferior and damaged, so they lash out in rage against those who remind them of their emptiness.

What’s the Point?

Can anybody tell me what the point is of having a black president when we see troops deployed against black protesters and destroying black neighborhoods with stun grenades and tear gas?

Can’t Obama order them to stop? Isn’t he like the Commander-in-Chief or whatever?

Protests in Florissant

We’ve been watching a live telecast from Ferguson and Florissant where peaceful, very orderly and organized protests are taking place. Every 20 minutes, several very white policemen drag out a completely peaceful black man and take him away “for failure to disperse.” This is all televised in real time.

The policemen seem completely uninterested in how bad the whole thing looks. Their behavior is very obviously aimed at trying to provoke the protesters. The protesters are showing a surprising degree of self-control. I know I wouldn’t be able to be as responsible and reasonable in their place.

Stop Being Pathetic

So I’ve finally had a chance to look at the two Michael Brown threads, and I have to say that I’m utterly grossed out. I have a feeling that people are scared to express to me their feelings about uppity immigrants with freaky accents who dare to express opinions so they are diverting all this anger towards an innocent bystander.

Come on, people, just stop being pathetic. If you are so afraid of me, then keep your feelings to yourself. I will not play this ridiculous game where people try to say something to me in this veiled and unhealthy manner. Have the courage of your opinions. I know I’m very scary but try to get over that. Direct whatever you have to say to me at me and not at other readers.


People who don’t love themselves are eager to hand over their unwanted, disliked self to others. They call this transfer “self-sacrifice” and expect others to provide the self with the care they can’t give to it themselves. When others fail (as they can’t help doing) at this task, self-sacrificers direct towards them the rage they feel against themselves and their own basic incapacity to treat themselves well.