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>A Mystery


If somebody can provide me with an answer to this mystery that has been bugging me for months, I will be very grateful. Why would a person come to the same post on this blog (always that one post) on 139 different occasions and on each occasion just sit there for hours pressing the Refresh button? Why would a different person from a different country do the same thing on the same post on 214 different occasions? The post was written almost a year ago. There is no discussion going on there. What do these readers want? And how can I give it to them because this is starting to get too mysterious.
In case you are wondering what the post in question is, you will find it here. But, please, don’t join the party and start refreshing it every 5-10 minutes, or I will go nuts.

P.S. And while I was writing this post, one of the people in question pressed the Refresh button on that post once again.

P. P. S. Another interesting detail: one of the readers in question is from Norway and another one is from Sweden. I wouldn’t confuse them with anybody else because the names of the towns they are from are very long and difficult to pronounce.

Here is a picture of the visits, too:

It’s much longer but I cut it because I don’t want to fill up the entire blog with it. And this is just one of these 139 visits, as you can see. 


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