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>Texas Is Nuts


Whenever I read any news from Texas, it feels like I’ve come in touch with an alternative reality. A really scary alternative reality. The lawmakers in this state have gone completely off the deep end mentally and are now seriously discussing whether to allow schoolteachers to beat students without asking the kids’ parents for consent:

Texas lawmakers voted against parental approval for corporal punishment Wednesday, allowing schools to spank students with or without parents’ say. Rep. Alma Allen, D-Houston, said she personally doesn’t believe in corporal punishment and noted that it’s no longer practiced in the state’s largest school districts, but said she wasn’t trying to end the practice. “This is a parental rights bill,” Allen said. “I do not like corporal punishment, but this bill does not abolish it.” An amendment from Todd Smith, R-Euless, would have allowed parents to give approval just once instead of requiring contact every time their children act up. Conservatives, however, rallied against giving parents the final say over educators.

The entire situation is so insane that one is wondering whether this is a report from a mental health clinic. A bunch of politicians got together to work out rules of how to abuse little children physically. And nobody is even trying to suggest that beating people is not OK. That anybody who assaults another human being belongs in jail. That nobody can possibly have the right to consent or not consent to another person being assaulted. 
I truly hope that every parent, teacher or politician who has ever hit a child will live to see this child grow up and beat them up in return. I, for one, would definitely consent to such people getting a beating.

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