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>Responses to Blogger Meltdown, Part II


Thank you, everybody, for sticking around while Blogger was down and preventing the stats of Clarissa’s Blog from slipping down even marginally.
To reward you for your patience, here are more hilarious post titles from the Blogger Help forum. These are all completely real. I did not invent them or change them in any way. 

i’m leaving blogger for  avoiding more pain in the future. of course blogger will not miss me.


We Should Have Been Warned

My entire blog is gone

Blogger goes down, taking 30 hours of posts with it

This is a suspense thriller that I wish I could opt out of 😦


broken posting – broken communication

Yes, we are frustrated, but let’s put this into perspective. 

In a perfect world, everything would work the way it is supposed to. Since we don’t live in a perfect work, stuff doesn’t go according to plan. In this case, it didn’t.


Can you please give us a TIME for blogger being back up. This is adversely affecting my business.

My blogger is still down and unavailable! Please advise

Why no further updates as to when service will be restored?


yes, our blogs are down, but we survived before the invention of the blog.  It’s a blog.   12,000 people died as a result of the tsunami-earthquake in Japan.  There are children who won’t get breakfast this morning.  Millions of Americans live in substandard housing. We expect everything to be fixed in an instant.  Doctors are still searching for a cure for cancer.  Buildings cannot built overnight.   Sometimes, even computer glitches can be difficult to repair. 


I just don’t understand why Blogger has maintenance problems these days? Being terrorist attacked? I’m losing my readers!

A military compound in Pakistan was just bombed and 80 people have been injured and my blogger service is down.

Have we been attacked by the Russians or Chinese. I can’t for the life of me understand why Google would have these kinds of  maintenance problems.


I am getting shakes..withdrawals….HELP

How long is this going to take? I’m beginning to have Blogger withdrawal!!!


Corruption in the Higher Education System in Spain

A professor in Murcia is claiming that he is persecuted for writing a book about how corrupt the system of higher education is in Spain:

A Spanish university has denied that disciplinary proceedings against one of its professors are a response to a book he wrote alleging corruption at the institution. José Penalva, professor of education at the University of Murcia, has been accused of absenteeism and could face dismissal. He told Times Higher Education that he believed the real reason for the action was a book, published last month, in which he claimed that political influence and nepotism were rife in Spanish universities. Corrupción en la Universidad (Corruption in the University) describes what Professor Penalva sees as the incestuous relationship between Spanish universities and local politics, which he believes is a major factor in the “mediocrity” of the country’s higher education institutions. “The rector always is a person who has a lot of power in the local community, and is always supported by a bunch of deans and politicians who scratch each other’s backs,” Professor Penalva told THE. “This explains why Spanish universities are at the bottom of the international rankings: there is no accountability, so the quality of research is very low,” he said. . . Professor Penalva said Spanish universities were legally obliged to advertise academic positions, but that the majority of the members of the selection panels were appointed by the university’s rector and the dean of the department in question. “This explains why 98 per cent of lecturers and professors in Spanish universities are ‘local candidates’ who have already worked in the department and have a ‘godfather’ there,” he said.
I have no idea whether Dr. Penalva is, in fact, guilty of absenteeism, but I do know that he is absolutely right in his charges against the higher education system in Spain. I love Spain and have dedicated my life to the study, teaching and promotion of its culture. However, I have to agree that Spanish higher education is for shit.

When I first started out as a student in Hispanic Studies, my dream was to do my PhD in Spain. Then, gradually, I began noticing certain things that made me reconsider this plan. All of the brightest Hispanists I knew were doing all they could to leave Spain. When I asked them why they didn’t want to look for a professorial position or a grad school program in their country, they would tell me that they didn’t have the kind of connections it took to be successful in Spanish academia. The quality of courses in the Humanities is, more often than not, abysmal. Sexual harassment, nepotism and exploitation of graduate students are rife. As a result, scholars who want to do actual research and advance on their merits and not on the number of anuses they have been able to wipe clean with their tongues abandon the country.

It is not humanly possible to dedicate enough energy and time to research while simultaneously trying to cultivate connections with everybody who might be remotely “useful.” Of course, I have seen academics here in the US who choose ass-licking (and I don’t mean in a good, sexually fulfilling kind of way) over doing scholarship. Eventually, however, brown-nosers realize that this is a losing strategy and nobody in the academic community respects them. In Spain, it is just the opposite. As a result, students end up receiving sub-standard education and the prestige of Spanish college diplomas evaporates.   

P. S. If anybody knows where I can get the book in question, I will be very grateful. This is a book I would love to read and review. (Ordering online from Spanish bookstores is a humongous waste of time, as anybody who has ever tried it will know.)

>Responses to Blogger Meltdown, Part I


A good blogger sees everything as a topic to blog about. Even the recent 21-hour-long shutdown of all Blogger blogs has produced a variety of interesting, blog-worthy observations. Take, for example, the Google forum where people have been venting their frustrations and asking for updates on the Blogger debacle. I have culled out the most curious titles of the comments on the recent events from the forum. Now I’m offering them to you, so that you can fully appreciate what a blogger experiences after being deprived of access to his or her blog. I have placed the titles into different categories to facilitate their perusal.
I warn you, though, that you are about to face a human drama of incredible proportions.

When will Blogger be working again? It’s 9:24PM here, and I haven’t been able to access my account for hours!!

3rd Attempt for help, still no responses!!! Please Help!

Blogger is broken

I can’t even VIEW my blog. Help!

I don’t want to know how many people have asked this question, I want the answer. How do I log onto my blog with bX-u32g6r?


Heelpsss !!! I can’t Access my account today …!!

I just want to blog!!!!


I am lost without my blog, when will it be fixed?

What Going On ??

What does this mean?


Is it the End of #Blogger.Com’s Era ?

this error will haunting me always.

Religious / superstitious:

Sweet Jesus, there are problems with Twitter too (and the Blogger Borg implodes)

Is this all problem with Friday 13?

What in Heaven’s Name Is Going On With Blogger?

Lyrical (this is my absolute favorite section. You can totally sing every one of these comment titles):

My blog is missing, been taking away…..

Ooo.. Blogger!! Please, Bring Back the Our Account Now !! 😦

when will this all will end, this is enough for too long

Help, My Blog Has Fallen And It Can’t Get Up – Hello, Life-Alert?

>Recent Issues With Blogger


I have no idea whether Blogger has been permanently repaired or not, so I’ll just place this announcement here to let people know what’s happening. Blogger has been down since about 3 pm yesterday. Blog authors have had no access to their blogs and couldn’t even notify the readers about what was happening. Now it seems like all the posts written since Wednesday have disappeared. This is not a big deal for this particular blog because I saved them all. If Blogger doesn’t restore them soon, I will just republish them. Unfortunately, I didn’t back up yesterday’s comments, so those might end up being lost. 
I don’t want to dump on Blogger because of this malfunction because shit happens and there is no way around that. I’m just happy to have my blog back. I’m now thinking of opening a backup blog at WordPress just to have a place where I will be able to publish updates about this blog if there is another malfunction.

P.S. Blogger is now back to normal functioning and is restoring all the information that had been lost.

>Blogger Is Being Weird Again

>I don't know what their problem is but the folks at Blogger haven't been able to make it function right since yesterday.

If you have a blog (with any platform), make sure you back up. I do regular backups of all my posts and comments, just in case.

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