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Inventive Uses of Burqas in Bangladesh

Police in Bangladesh have come up with a way to put burqas to good use. They are now wearing them to catch criminals:

Code named “Burqa Team,” a four-member police squad — two wearing burqa (veil) and two in plainclothes — conducts the drive especially at night. Police initiated the move in the wake of rising incidents of mugging and carjacking in the area in recent months. Such team was also introduced in the capital’s Mirpur in June 2009, police said. Abdul Latif, officer-in-charge of Kafrul Police Station, told The Daily Star they devised the technique so that the muggers cannot identify them. “Our team catches the muggers when they try to mug them.” One such team yesterday arrested two alleged muggers at Agargaon in the capital around 4:30am when they tried to mug the squad. The arrestees are Sadnan Hossain Saju and Azizul Haque. Two of the gang fled the scene. The team was patrolling between Agargaon and Jahangir Gate link road in a microbus. When the team reached Agargaon, four criminals in a private car stopped the microbus and tried to mug them. “Police shot at them with the guns hidden under their veils. The muggers also fired back,” Latif said.

It’s good to see that finally somebody is doing something positive with the burqa.


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One thought on “Inventive Uses of Burqas in Bangladesh

  1. If they catch REAL criminals, I think this is good method! 😉


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