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Office Horrors

I’ve just had the fright of my life, people. I’ve been away from my office for over a week. So today I come in and discover a dead bird lying on the floor. The chair is covered in bird poop and there are papers scattered on the floor. You can see these horrors in the photos. I didn’t go far enough into the office to see if the computer remained unscathed.

The repairs that are being done to our building must have damaged the roof in some way, so the bird fell in and couldn’t get out. I now feel horribly guilty that I didn’t visit the office sooner to rescue the bird. The poor creature must have been stuck there, hungry and thirsty, for days.

I’m very shaken up, people. I now have to attend a seminar on the use of Wimba but I’m completely distracted and stressed out. And the dead bird is still lying on the floor because I couldn’t force myself to touch it.


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6 thoughts on “Office Horrors

  1. David Bellamy on said:

    That is too bad. Comfort yourself that accidents happen.


  2. Saia Sikira on said:

    Ohhhh that’s so extremelly horrible. I totally do understand how you feel, it happened to me once and felt the same.


  3. So sad… 😦


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