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The Grade Aligning Insanity Is Spreading

Is this in stock for all of us? Look what College Misery published today:

As this semester ended, we were deluged with emails – and one video from our chair – about the need to better “align our grades” to those of the majority of our colleagues. All sorts of plans are in progress for the coming fall; a portfolio from each faculty member must be submitted. Final grades should fit inside an approved “distribution bell,” and our T&P portfolio will now have one additional requirement – a report on the aligning of our grades to the departmental norms.

In the comments to the post, you can see that many people have the same experience at their departments. And there are a few sheep who even believe this is a good policy.

If we all presented a united front and resisted, no administrator would be able to humiliate us in this way. We are all to blame for humoring the bureaucrats, for agreeing to drown in mountains of paperwork, for allowing ourselves be treated like crap. In coming up with these policies, the administrators, at least, defend their own interests, their right to humongous salaries and the best offices on campus, their power. We, the actual educators, are a lot more stupid because we keep letting them spit on us and even come up with convoluted explanations of why it is perfectly acceptable for the administrators to do so.


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5 thoughts on “The Grade Aligning Insanity Is Spreading

  1. Pen on said:

    If someone complains to administration, and they bring everyone else who hates it to back it up, will they all risk contractual termination, or will the administration be forced to listen?

    This question is what prevents a lot of people from standing up to administration. It sounds like there aren’t enough checks and balances present in the system–but a government is only a government if they rule over a population. If an entire population chooses to rebel, the government has to listen or be overthrown.

    While organizing, though, it is important to remain discrete. Otherwise, one really does risk some form of punishment as an example to others, who will be even more scared to try it.


    • I agree with you completely! I could never understand why many intelligent, good people how to be walked over my a very small bunch of ignoramuses.

      I wish more people thought like you.


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