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Does Anybody Really Believe That Life Begins at Conception?

Here is a brilliant table that demonstrates how improbable it is that pro-lifers truly see no difference between abortion and a murder of, say, a 4-year-old child and how much more likely it is that their policies are only aimed at punishing women for having sex:

This is just a part of the table. You can see the entire thing here.


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5 thoughts on “Does Anybody Really Believe That Life Begins at Conception?

  1. Tim on said:

    Simply awesome 🙂


  2. I think there is something even more subtle going on. At every point in the development of a fœtus from ovulation to birth, the only point where the involvement of a male is necessary is at conception. So, patriarchialists naturally believe that if a male is involved, that must the the sacred point where “life begins.”


    • Oh, this is very profound. I never thought about it like this before but it definitely makes sense.

      What an absolutely brilliant comment. I’m going to put it up in a separate post.


  3. Sam on said:

    Yes, I am willing to stand up and say that I do really believe that life begins at conception. In fact, it is the only definition that makes any sense.

    And I can also see why feminazis would naturally want to play down the role of males in society and reproduction. Men pay the majority of taxes that go into the entitlement checks of welfare queens.


    • I’m really sorry that you are so sex-deprived and that no woman wants to touch you with a six-foot pole except for money. The reason this happens is that you are a jerk and you smell really nasty. Do something about the stench and you might get some poor woman abandoned by God and humanity talk herself into having sex with somebody as ugly and stupid as you.

      Good luck!


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