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Is He Trying Not to Get Elected in 2012?

Apparently, the following items were part of the “debt-reduction” proposal that Obama made to Boehner and that Boehner refused:

Medicare: Raising the eligibility age, imposing higher premiums for upper income beneficiaries, changing the cost-sharing structure, and shifting Medigap insurance in ways that would likely reduce first-dollar coverage. This was to generate about $250 billion in ten-year savings. This was virtually identical to what Boehner offered.

Medicaid: Significant reductions in the federal contribution along with changes in taxes on providers, resulting in lower spending that would likely curb eligibility or benefits. This was to yield about $110 billion in savings. Boehner had sought more: About $140 billion. But that’s the kind of gap ongoing negotiation could close.

Does Obama not understand that the moment these changes to Medicare and Medicaid are introduced, the Republicans will dedicate the entire presidential campaign to chanting “Obama took away your Medicare”? Doesn’t he realize that “Republicans made me do it” will not work as a legitimate response and he will remain “the guy who took away Medicare” forever?

Many people already demand that the big government get out of Medicare. The same people will eat up the story of how Obama, the socialist, communist, Marxist, jihadist proponent of the big, bad government destroyed the Medicare, a beacon of true capitalism and free enterprise.


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One thought on “Is He Trying Not to Get Elected in 2012?

  1. Patrick on said:

    Frustrating, isn’t it, when you can see so clearly how something will be spun, yet those charged with providing expert advice seem oblivious.


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