The Jerk of the Week

And the title of the Jerk of the Week goes to this weird creature who equates Libertarianism with autism, and in particular with Asperger’s:

That’s why this Brain on Drugs public service announcement about heroin seems comical to libertarians, but makes sensible people cry.  Gift networks are very emotion-laden.  I haven’t worked it out yet, but I think this ties in with the idea of  libertarianism as applied autism.

And then this illiterate creature continues his unenlightened musings:

I’m talking about the fact that many autistics (for example some Aspergers that I know) do not “get” certain types of emotional signalling such as raised voices, angry faces, body language, etc. I would guess that they might not perceive and thus not empathize with the emotion in the video. That’s why I’d compare a laughing libertarian to them.

See? He knows “some Aspergers”, hence he is an authority on autism. I don’t know if the stupid individual who wrote this trash is capable of “getting” certain types of emotional signalling, so I’ll spell it out for him: such jerkwad freakazoids like yourself disgust me with their smug belief that they are somehow entitled to judge things their tiny little brains are incapable of processing. Right now, I feel a lot of empathy for everyone who has had to spend even three minutes in the company of such a bizarre loser as yourself.

I hope this is emotional and empathetic enough for this pathetic autism-basher to shut the fuck up about us, the supposedly non-emotional autistics.

Thank you, n8chz, for bringing this to my attention.

Diversity Montreal-Way

A parent of a prospective student is talking to a school principal.

Parent: So how does your school do in terms of diversity?

Principal: Yes, our parents are very involved in the community.

Parent: No, I meant to ask how diverse is the student body.

Principal: Oh yes, we are very diverse! We have some Italians among our students!

New Series: Sunday Link Encyclopedia and Self-Promotion

I got the idea for this series from zunguzungu who publishes a collection of links to great posts every Sunday and from Feministe that allows people to self-promote on this day. In this series, I will publish a post every Sunday that will contain links to the posts from my blogroll that I enjoyed the most during the week. These are not the same articles I linked to during the week. These are the ones I would have liked to comment on if only I had time.

Readers should feel free to leave links to their own (or somebody else’s) posts written during the week in question that they believe were especially great. It doesn’t make sense to link to an entire blog because that never works. So please, just the specific posts you really liked this week.

This is what I’ve been reading:

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Is blogging in decline? Read a post and do a survey.  I don’t think it is in decline or likely to be any time soon, which I let the people conducting the survey know as clearly as possible.

Films you can show in a Latin American History course.

New Poll: Gender and Blogging

On a regular basis, I receive messages telling me that I could improve my blogging, acquire more popularity and gain allies if only I started writing less aggressively. There have been so many of such messages over 2,5 years of blogging that I now have a separate folder for them in my blogging mailbox. I save them because, more often than not, they are extremely aggressive which makes them even more hilarious.

Fellow blogger Z shared that she also has received similar exhortations. So I decided to conduct a poll and find out whether “if-only-you-could-be-less-aggressive” messages have anything to do with the gender of the blogger who receives them.

The poll is located in the right-hand panel of the blog. Please vote!

Clarissa’s Dictionary of Internet-Speak

After almost two and a half years of blogging, I have seen certain comments crop up with scary regularity and had to learn to decipher them. Here is a list of such popular comments and my translations of what they really mean. Feel free to add your own:

This is a straw-man argument – How dare you denounce sexists, racists, and homophobes to whom I proudly belong?

Where is your respect for freedom of speech? – I will spout any kind of rubbish I want and you will listen and never object.

You would gain more allies if you were less aggressive – Shut up and go into your corner, you woman.

Everything you write is ridiculous – I’m vaguely bothered by something you said but I’m too stupid to verbalize what it is that bothers me.

You don’t even know me, so how dare you say these things about me – I’m such a center of the universe that everything published online has to be about me.

This is a horrible blog! I will never come back! – I will read all of the posts you ever wrote, commit many of them to memory, and keep leaving endless comments about how this is a horrible blog and how I will never come back to it.

You just say this because you are autistic – I am bothered by clear, logical arguments.

You are elitist – I don’t understand all these long three-syllable words.

You are lying, this never really happened to you – I don’t know how to reconcile your experience with my very limited world view.

All of you Lefties / feminists / autistics / women are the same – The world makes no sense to me unless I have subdivided people into groups and assigned labels to them.

It is a waste of time to argue with you – I have no idea how to respond to your arguments.