Obesity Map of North America

Northern Gaijin kindly sent in the following map:

I think the map is pretty self-explanatory.

Finally, the New Office!

I finally got all the stuff from my office back. So now I can share the photos of my new office.

I didn’t get a closet to put my outerwear and shoes yet but maybe I will in December.

And here is another view:

And here is the desk:

Feel free to compare the new look of the office with the way it was before.

I feel like I’m in paradise right now. I’ll now bug everybody with pictures of this new office, so please prepare yourselves. 🙂

Semi-Open Thread: TSA Agent’s Note

I know this is a little belated but I thought it would be enlightening if we share opinions on this story.

As many of you probably know already, a well-known feminist blogger found a note in her suitcase that had been left there by a TSA agent. The note referred to some kind of a sex toy the blogger had in her suitcase. Here it is:

When the story got out, the TSA agent was suspended.

I wouldn’t have decided to revive this story had I not discovered that one of the popular commenters on this blog ended up being banned from Feministe for discussing the incident in a way that the note’s recipient didn’t appreciate.

So what say you, people? How do you feel about the note and the entire incident?

I want this to be an open thread, so I’ll hold my peace on the subject for the moment. All I would like to mention for now is that when I blogged about the enhanced TSA security measures, I was told I was either a homophobe or a selfish individual unable to look past my own puny concerns when larger issues were involved. So if anybody tries to sell me the idea that this wave of outrage has anything to do with general annoyance people have developed against the invasive TSA measures, I’m not likely to buy it. I am firmly convinced that the entire hullabaloo was caused by the sexual innuendo in the note.