Do You Want Me to Follow You?

Something is wrong with my blogroll. Instead of feeding me news and blogging ideas, it put me into a vile mood today. Within 20 minutes, I read posts that:

1. Used the expression “unborn babies.” I had no idea there were still idiots who used this ridiculous expression. It is even more shocking that they somehow managed to worm their way into my blogroll.

2. Informed their paltry number of readers (among which I somehow ended up) that Reagan caused the collapse of the Soviet Union. People have every right not to be interested in other cultures. It would be nice, though, if they at least tried to keep their woeful ignorance to themselves. Do I need to read this kind of rubbish first thing in the morning?

3. Gleefully quoted some stupid starlet who said that men should have no opinions on how their own weddings are organized.

I’m fine with my blogroll offering me something stupid every once in a while. Such a string of idiocies, however, is too much. So now I will be cleaning out my blogroll.

I like to have a very populated blogroll, which is why I’m now inviting everybody who wants me to follow their blogs to leave links in the Comment section.

In the spirit of full disclosure: I read almost everything the bloggers I follow publish (I’m an insanely fast reader). I don’t comment often, though. And I very rarely leave more than one comment to any given thread. However, I’m likely to promote interesting posts on my Sunday Link Encyclopedia and most of those links get a great number of visitors.

I read in English, Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian, French, Portuguese, Catalan. I can do Italian, too, if the blog is really worth it.

So feel free to leave links to your blogs. If there is somebody else’s blog that you want me to follow, leave the link, too. Just remember that I want no undead corpses, stupidities about Eastern Europe, and starlet inanities. I also have quite a few of “women as perennial victims of everything” blogs in my blogroll already, so I’m not looking to add to that collection.

I’m very interested in blogs by intelligent, rational Conservatives because my blogroll has a heavy Leftist bent and I find that limiting. I also love blogs that have to do with advertisement and psychology. The best kind of blog, however, is what I call “a personality blog.” This means a blog that is written by somebody who has a fascinating personality which makes their every post worth reading.

How To Get the Jerk to Like You?

Look at what has been bringing people to the blog:

Forget about Putin’s Botox for the moment. Can you explain to me what the last search on the list is all about? Why are there two people who are interested in getting a jerk to like them?

In any case, since crowds (of two) are clamoring for an answer, here goes: the way to get “the jerk” to like you is to stop seeing him (or her) as a jerk and start seeing her (or him) as a human being.

Many years ago, my feminist awakening began when I heard one of the first public feminists in Russia say on television, “Women, please remember that men are people, too.” That was a novel thought and it has really enriched my life. So irrespective of who this jerk you want to like you is, remember that he or she is a person, too.

Now This Is Real Child Abuse

Can somebody explain to me why this bunch of nasty, disgusting pedophiles is not in jail?

​Officials from Rosemount High School are apologizing for a so-called “prank” that will almost surely lead to a lifetime of awkward family gatherings and thousands of hours of therapy for the students involved. At an end-of-the-year pepfest last week, a group of winter sports captains were blindfolded in the school gym in front of their peers, and told they would be receiving a kiss from a “special someone.”

These poor kids reasonably assumed they were about to make out with their classmates. But the assembly organizers had something else in mind: their parents. Footage of the assembly shows a scene that would make even Sigmund Freud cringe. Dads kissing daughters. Mothers kissing sons. And these are not just innocent pecks on the lips. The parents are intimately lip-locking their children for several seconds. One even progresses to rolling around on the gym floor. In another instance, a mother moves her son’s hand south so he’s grasping her butt.

You can watch the entire horrifying scene of abuse here. I didn’t watch it because I would be too traumatized by this horror.

Once again, why isn’t anybody taking action and removing children from these incestuous freaks? Just imagine what horrors these so-called parents have been inflicting on poor kids while they were growing up.