Do You Want Me to Follow You?

Something is wrong with my blogroll. Instead of feeding me news and blogging ideas, it put me into a vile mood today. Within 20 minutes, I read posts that:

1. Used the expression “unborn babies.” I had no idea there were still idiots who used this ridiculous expression. It is even more shocking that they somehow managed to worm their way into my blogroll.

2. Informed their paltry number of readers (among which I somehow ended up) that Reagan caused the collapse of the Soviet Union. People have every right not to be interested in other cultures. It would be nice, though, if they at least tried to keep their woeful ignorance to themselves. Do I need to read this kind of rubbish first thing in the morning?

3. Gleefully quoted some stupid starlet who said that men should have no opinions on how their own weddings are organized.

I’m fine with my blogroll offering me something stupid every once in a while. Such a string of idiocies, however, is too much. So now I will be cleaning out my blogroll.

I like to have a very populated blogroll, which is why I’m now inviting everybody who wants me to follow their blogs to leave links in the Comment section.

In the spirit of full disclosure: I read almost everything the bloggers I follow publish (I’m an insanely fast reader). I don’t comment often, though. And I very rarely leave more than one comment to any given thread. However, I’m likely to promote interesting posts on my Sunday Link Encyclopedia and most of those links get a great number of visitors.

I read in English, Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian, French, Portuguese, Catalan. I can do Italian, too, if the blog is really worth it.

So feel free to leave links to your blogs. If there is somebody else’s blog that you want me to follow, leave the link, too. Just remember that I want no undead corpses, stupidities about Eastern Europe, and starlet inanities. I also have quite a few of “women as perennial victims of everything” blogs in my blogroll already, so I’m not looking to add to that collection.

I’m very interested in blogs by intelligent, rational Conservatives because my blogroll has a heavy Leftist bent and I find that limiting. I also love blogs that have to do with advertisement and psychology. The best kind of blog, however, is what I call “a personality blog.” This means a blog that is written by somebody who has a fascinating personality which makes their every post worth reading.

51 thoughts on “Do You Want Me to Follow You?”

  1. well of course I would be crushed if you dropped me, but I’m not sure I qualify as a personality, and I’m damn sure I’m not a rational conservative !

    then again, I’m well aware Reagan is the biggest beneficiary of right place right time ever, that “unborn children” are properly termed embryos and then fetuses, and sciDAD got to be the ‘bride’ when we got married because I had no interest in planning a wedding


  2. Clarissa, I think my blog is already on your blogroll and understand that you follow it. I posted a piece there today about my take on conservative blogs’ reactions to the death of Christopher Hitchens. It’s here:

    I would not have posted this comment had you not said, “So feel free to leave links to your blogs,” and hope you don’t mind. If you do mind, I apologize.



      1. Well, yes. But I also quoted this response from the site at which I collected those:

        “Now comes the march of those who absolutely cannot stand anyone who can’t be bullied into kow-towing to their Imaginary Friend. How dare the man have the dignity to ignore all those threats of Hell — the spiritual equivalent of “pass on this chain letter or you’ll have bad luck.” But some people just can’t be intimidated by the myths of any culture, and it really galls those who are.”

        Might that (somewhat harshly) and other comments there and elsewhere (far less harshly) that I noted reflect conservative views on the proper places for reliance on dogma and preferences for freedom of thought and speech?

        As noted at my blog, I favor those who support the Jewish-Christian foundations on which our country is based. Others, however, have no less right and even obligation to speak and to be heard.

        I do wish the conversations could be more congenial, however, on all sides.


  3. Hi Clarissa, I would be honored if you would consider adding me. I’m an academic like you and also a brand new blogger. My blogs aren’t academic though. Right now its a way of expressing another side to me. I’m totally new at this so would be grateful if you would glance at them if you’re interested or perhaps comment on how they could be together. First is a random personality blog:

    where I am trying out voices and finding my niche and how I want to express my personality and how much of my real identity. The other is a moderate response critiquing leftist politics and conservative politics regarding OWS. I want to make it smarter

    Thank you in advance 🙂


      1. I’m reading Danny’s blog. It’s interesting. I’m starting to reflect on how unreservedly wonderful my childhood was. I was never bullied. By Western standards, occasionally the teachers were too harsh, but I didn’t feel it. Unlike people here who have trouble sleeping, I’ve never had trouble switching off from the kinds of problems that do not need my active mental engagement. My default reaction is set to switching off and going to sleep. When I’m fast asleep, no kind of noise awakes me. This kind of switching off sometimes means I don’t engage emotionally. When I emigrated to Australia, at 15 I decided the society and culture were fully meaningless and so I didn’t engage with it for many years. I also had no existing experiential or intellectual inroads into it. Anyway, after ten years or so, I began to work to enhance my emotional sensitivity, since being switched off was the opposite of nourishing. In many ways, I’m coming at reality from the opposite direction to most people — from a state of insensitivity to one of greater alertness. This post doesn’t have a point. I’ve just finished the teaching side of work for this morning and am taking a breather.


  4. From Danny’s blog:
    “It happened to me with certain Feminists. These feminists told me, with no scruples, how my privileged status negated whatever I suffered since I benefited from institutionalised sexism as a pure, white male. ”

    I can relate to this, as someone who is both African and white. It’s supposed to be a contradiction that denies me my humanity. Just as being male negates the possibility of being able to suffer, so being a “white African” is itself considered a huge negation and is an erasure of meaning.


    1. Exactly. And the funny thing is that one can always find something about you that will prevent you from talking about your experience or your suffering. There is always some kind of completely invented “privilege” that one can assign to you to shut you up. Some people have become very good at manipulating “privileges” to silence everybody around them.


      1. And that in and of itself is why a lot of people just tune out the discussion on privilege. But good luck telling that to people who actually depend on the concept of privilege to shut people out of a conversation….


  5. My blog is nothing like your blog. It’s a vegan recipe blog. But I promise that I know what caused the collapse of the Soviet Union and I never say “unborn babies.” Since I’m a feminist, I’ll never claim that my food is a great way to “get a man” or call my readers “girls” or anything else to make you cringe. Also, I make awesome brownies.


    1. This is really cool because I was looking for vegan recipe blogs a while ago and found nothing of interest. Thank you! I will definitely follow a feminist vegan blogger.

      This is turning out to be a very useful thread.


  6. bloggerclarissa :
    Exactly. And the funny thing is that one can always find something about you that will prevent you from talking about your experience or your suffering. There is always some kind of completely invented “privilege” that one can assign to you to shut you up. Some people have become very good at manipulating “privileges” to silence everybody around them.

    Yes. And the one group the liberals are licensed to hate in order to earn their brownie points of moral superiority is my group of ex-pat white Africans. (In reality, I find that they don’t openly hate us, but that I constantly encounter projective identification in the form of “you are all the things we hate about ourselves.”


  7. And this is actually one of the reasons why my adjustment to Western culture became permanently suspended, because if I am “all the things you hate about yourself”, how am I meant to adjust to that or even make any sense of your culture? It’s an impossibility. The stupid thing of it is that I kept on trying for so long. The good thing is that it caused me to drop out and sleep a lot.


    1. And the more you point out to these libs that they gain a sense of morality and self esteem from projecting, the more their defensive mechanisms compel them to project ever more furiously. After all, what sort of person would make them feel like their sense of goodness and value was not good at all? Only the most evil soul, assuredly!


  8. The most intelligent, rational Conservative blogger I know of is Julie Bass aka the Garden Grenade,

    I first became interested in Ms. Bass when she was living in Oak Park, Michigan (apparently she’s since moved to Seattle) and was involved in one of those city hall vs. vegetable gardener type confrontations (which are an annual ordeal for Josie and me here in nearby Warren, MI). To my slight disappointment, she turned out to be more Tea Party than Food Not Lawns, but a good read nevertheless. I think you’d like her. You can be co-conspirators in the war against political correctness or something.


  9. Barry Rubin writes about Middle East, Iran, Islamism, Israel, etc. I found interesting how he compared between Lenin’s tactics and what Islamists are currently doing in his currently second article on the blog “Who’s the Leading Authority in Defining Islam? Ayatollah Western Media”.


        1. So do we refer to Fundamentalist Christians as “Christianist”? Fundamentalism is fundamentalism. And Islam is Ilsam. I see no need to invent new terminology where perfectly useful terms exist already.


  10. Let me use your current post to say that I am happy that you follow my still very young blog. And thanks for stimulating our brains with your often provocative posts. They usually make me think and see things from new perspectives, even if I do not always agree with you. 🙂


      1. Oh crap. I just saw in your post here that you don’t want undead corpses. In that case better drop me. I’m going to talk about some zombie movies eventually.

        Thanks though!


      2. Uh … unless by “undead corpses” you were referring to the “unborn babies” stipulation? If that’s the case then I can indeed promise you I will not talk about clumps of fetal cells as if they were fully human.


  11. my question – since i am a non-bloggess/non-tumbless etc. – are you also interested in links/blogs like *me as your reader and commenter is following* ?!


  12. One last thing Clarissa and Jennifer. That post you two are talking about there is NOT my own story but the story of another man. Just wanted to make that clear.

    Thanks for stopping by.


      1. Its okay. I was talking about the post “Hurt by Women and Girls: One Man’s Account” that you and Jennifer mentioned. Just wanted you to know that that was actually from someone else.


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