How To Get the Jerk to Like You?

Look at what has been bringing people to the blog:

Forget about Putin’s Botox for the moment. Can you explain to me what the last search on the list is all about? Why are there two people who are interested in getting a jerk to like them?

In any case, since crowds (of two) are clamoring for an answer, here goes: the way to get “the jerk” to like you is to stop seeing him (or her) as a jerk and start seeing her (or him) as a human being.

Many years ago, my feminist awakening began when I heard one of the first public feminists in Russia say on television, “Women, please remember that men are people, too.” That was a novel thought and it has really enriched my life. So irrespective of who this jerk you want to like you is, remember that he or she is a person, too.

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