State Universities

“Nowadays, a state university has come to mean a university that helps the state pay its bills,” a high-ranking administrator of a state university explained. “Those times when a state university was a place that the state supported financially? They are over. Now, we will only be allowed to remain in existence if we manage to scrape up enough money for the state to see us as useful.”

Canadian Welfare System Is Hopeless

A family friend in Montreal donned her noticeable diamonds and went to get her welfare check.

“Lady, have you got no shame?” the employees of the welfare office asked her.

So she went home, called all her friends to complain about the mean government officials, took off the diamonds, and returned to the welfare office. There she got her check and went back to her home to be reunited with her diamonds.

Of course, when years ago in that same city of Montreal I attempted to prove to the welfare officials that my employment was interrupted every summer because I was a teacher and summer holidays got in the way of me working through no fault of my own, they couldn’t care less. I guess it would have helped if I had diamonds.

In the meanwhile, I see businesses of really great, hard-working, dedicated Canadian entrepreneurs being razed to the ground by the same government officials because their assets are needed to hand out welfare checks to my diamond-donning acquaintance and her huge group of moocher friends.

What’s the Greatest Danger to Israel?

Israel does not need to fear being destroyed by Muslim fanatics when it has home-grown religious fanatics of its own:

Haredi Jews clashed with police on Monday in Beit Shemesh, Israel, leaving one policeman wounded, over the issue of segregation of women. They shouted “Nazis!” at the police. The Haredim are the Salafis of Judaism, and many insist on strict separation of women in public. Some forbid women to visit deceased relatives in cemeteries or walk on public sidewalks.  . .

Part of the conflict is over the establishment of a national-religious school for girls in the town, which the Ultra-Orthodox activists say is full of “prostitutes” and of non-Jewish loose women (“shiksas”). Some have been spitting on the girls, and have beaten up non-Haredis who support the school.They complain that Zionists have invaded their neighborhood (most Haredis reject Zionism or Jewish nationalism on the grounds that it is impudent for Jews to establish a state before the Messiah comes.) One of the victims who was spat on is an American little girl, Na’ama Margolies, whose plight has enraged secular Jews.

No reasonable person will support a state where little girls are spat on just because they have committed the great crime of being female and where a significant portion of the population believes in gender segregation.

I don’t want to see Israel buried under the rabble of its own hateful fanaticism, but at this point, it seems like this is precisely where the country is heading. And what a shame that is.

The Quote of the Year

The most brilliant thing I have read on abortion since Echidne’s “undead corpses”:

Obviously I think [Rick Perry] is horrible for wanting to outlaw abortions, but the rapeandincest “exception” has always been complete gibberish, allowing people who support something monstrous to be seen and to see themselves as somehow being less monstrous.

This is indisputable, people. The “rape and incest exception” is, indeed, supremely offensive. A woman needs to be raped by a relative to deserve a right to decide what happens inside her own body? WTF with that? Let’s not allow vile woman-haters to feel better about themselves through their insulting support of this insane exception.