Soliciting Assistance From Fellow Spanish-Speakers

Folks, I urgently need to populate by blogroll with some good Spanish-language blogs. Right now, I’m so desperate that this is what I read. For those who don’t speak Spanish: in the space of a single post, this blogger

a) claimed that the CNN was Communist;

b) referred to the leader of the Spanish Socialist Party as “a Stalinist Sheep”;

c) talked of “the semi-civilized countries of Latin America that are drowning in debt and governed by grotesque people, except Colombia and Chile”.

And this is just the beginning of the post. This is what I have been reduced to because I have no idea where to find Spanish-language blogs.

So if you know any good blogs written in Spanish, please recommend.

13 thoughts on “Soliciting Assistance From Fellow Spanish-Speakers”

  1. Daniel Duquenal (a pseudonym), my favorite blogger on events Venezuelan and who is opposed to el Presidente Chavez and to Chavistas in general, usually writes in English but occasionally in Spanish.

    Here’s a link to his site:

    Here is a link to his most recent post, today, in Spanish:

    Here is a link to another, posted on December 20th:

    Comments at the site are in sometimes in Spanish, sometimes in English. His site often links other Spanish language blogs, newspapers and Spanish language videos.


  2. This one is almost an addiction:
    Written by Quintin, former director of Argentine film journal El Amante. He drives me nuts 90% of the time. His anti-kirchnerismo is not only irrational, but almost paranoid. However, every once in a while he is brilliant, and the comment threads are always entertaining. So I check it regularly.


  3. I’d agree with Isa since I also follow:

    I used to read another website that had rss feeds from blogs all over the world in different languages but I don’t remember its name…since I lost the link when my machine was attacked by a virus and I had to have the harddrive wiped (super painful – thank goodness I had a backup).


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