Experiment “Freedom from the Computer”

I challenged myself to spend 48 hours without a computer (hence no comments in the past two days.) Of course, I didn’t want to leave readers without intellectual nourishment, so I scheduled some posts in advance.

The only serious hardship I experienced was the state of anxiety that something might be happening in the world that I need to know about urgently and I’m missing it. I don’t have television, so that source of information was out. I could have accessed the Internet on my Kindle, of course, but that would be cheating.

The world without a computer feels very quiet. I very rarely listen to anything on the computer but it brings so many voices into one’s life that it feels like there is constant chatter coming out of it.

Have you tried going computer-free lately?

Who Is Hurt More By This, Men or Women?

When only mothers get tested to see if they have an impact on their children’s obesity, whom does this hurt more (besides the children, of course), men or women? Who is insulted more by this kind of study, men or women?

This is obviously insanely offensive to both men and women. This is why I keep repeating like a broken record that gender stereotypes and the entire stupid gender binary hurts both men and women. And instead of getting together and trying to figure out how we can break down this system, we engage in creating endless check-lists of who has been victimized more by this system. As evidenced by the recent thread on gender discriminating feminists.

And I’m willing to bet that this thread will also be graced with comments as to how men (or women) are victimized more than women (or men).