Five Great Jews

The great Jew #1 was King Solomon. He said, “The most important part of a human being is this” and pointed to his head.

The great Jew #2 was Jesus. He said, “The most important part of a human being is this” and pointed to his heart.

The great Jew #3 was Karl Marx. He said, “The most important part of a human being is this” and pointed to his belly.

The great Jew #4 was Sigmund Freud. He said, “The most important part of a human being is this” and pointed to his genitals.

The great Jew #5 was Albert Einstein. He listened to the other four guys and said, “You know, folks, it’s all relative.”

Sunday Link Encyclopedia and Self-Promotion

Getting (and keeping) girls interested in science and math.

“Women’s intuition” and patriarchal veil-making.

A Purim giveaway organized by a fellow blogger.

Don’t you miss the good old days, back when abortions in the USA happened about as often as they do nowadays, but thousands of women died every year?” Why isn’t anybody hearing people who make this important and obvious point?

“”All can agree that rape is a horrific act of violence that no one should ever undergo. But abortion after a rape robs an innocent victim of a very beautiful life.”” I had to read this statement five times before I finally managed to deduce who is supposed to be having this beautiful life in this kind of a situation. It’s scary that so many certifiable people are roaming the streets.

And this is how real Conservatives see Santorum: “Santorum increasingly brags about his working class roots.This is a terminological inexactitude. Working men and women are decent hard-working, law-abiding individuals. Rick Santorum  was born in the gutter, lives in the gutter, and is most likely to die in the gutter.” Didn’t I tell you that true Conservatives were very angry at the religious fanatics that are making the entire Conservative movement look bad?

Danny has written a great post on the Friend Zone.

In case you worship Canada as the place where crazed fanatics who despise women and abhor progress do not exist, read this unhinged set of ramblings documenting a fit of hysteria from a Canadian hater of freedom, life, and love. The moral of the story: the points of view manifested in the post are evidence of psychopathology that has nothing whatsoever to do with where the unhealthy person in question lives.

For those who loved the photos of baby turtles last week, here are more photos! My love of turtles borders on pathological.

And this is the street where I spent my youth, being studious and responsible. Or, to be more precise, boozing and partying. The bar on the second floor (where you can see people see on the balcony) is my favorite cigar and martini bar that makes 100 different martinis. I miss home, people.

How to survive jury duty while autistic.

“Many public choice schoilars – myself included – view many voters as being rationally ignorant – there is a negative return to becoming well-informed about political elections.. A few of my more sceptical colleagues at George Mason University – Bryan Caplan* foremost among them –  argue that many voters are rationally irrational and vote as though they are  simply stupid.

A great post on the TMI. I agree completely that pulling a TMI on a person is a passive-aggressive method of manipulation.

I will not be writing on the Koran burning in Afghanistan but here is a good and detailed post on the subject instead.

Reflections on EcoNuttery. It’s sad to see essentially good causes overrun by fanaticism.

A great comic strip on personhood. I dislike comics passionately, but this one is good.

The 2012 Oscars and the Bechdel Test.

Approval Rate for GOP Among Women Takes Nosedive. We do have the right to vote these days, Messrs. Romney and Santorum. Maybe it’s a good idea to keep that in mind. Or not, because you have lost this election already.

What a talented blogger this is: “Organics were good. Walking was good. Cloth diapers were good. Doing things the way they had been done for hundreds of years was good. Conventionally grown food, driving, disposable diapers, industrialization, was all bad. The framework served several purposes: it served as a secular moral code, and it allowed me to feel good about myself when I adhered to it. . . And it wasn’t because I was anti-science exactly. It was that I needed my heuristic to work. Because how else would I know how to live?” The entire post is fantastic. I highly recommend.

A really brilliant takedown of Rush Limbaugh’s recent outpouring of hatefulness: “As for you, Limbaugh, you are society’s intellectual garbage can.  Nothing but shit spews from that anus that you call a mouth.  Nothing you have ever said is of any societal worth, and I hope you end up alone and miserable.  Of course, you never will.  There is no shortage of conservative idiots to listen to your stupidity.  They don’t believe in birth control, after all, and so they are producing large hordes of offspring who are just as slack-jawed and stupid as their parents.” I really like this passionate and direct style of writing.

Finally, a good, informative post on rape, consent and disability.

A great deconstruction of Libertarian arguments. Insightful and funny.

And what did I tell you? Reasonable Conservatives are horrified at what their party has been turned into by crazy folks.

And the post of the week is definitely the following: “The Supreme Court did not grant women the right to an abortion. Nor did any of the other men in various parliaments and legislatures around the world. Abortion is. It always has been, and always will be. It is as much a fact of life as menstruation, masturbation, and sex. . . Men have not “given” it to us, nor can they take it away.”

P.S. The link encyclopedia looks a lot better and is easier to use in this new template, don’t you think?

What Makes You an Adult

The way you know that you have reached adulthood is when you say for the first time: “I messed up. I am very sorry. I am ready to accept the consequences and I will do what I need to do to make things better.”

A student came up to me last week and said, “I can’t hand in the composition because I haven’t written it. If you will be willing to accept it after the spring break, I will really appreciate that, but if not, I completely understand.”

Then, another student approached me and said, “I didn’t write the composition because you refused to help me.”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“I wrote you an email asking for help, and you never responded.”

For me, it is a point of honor to respond to students’ emails the moment I receive them. I go out of my way to make myself available to students who ask for help. Which is why the suggestion that I dismissed this person’s email made me hot behind the ears.

“You had a month to write this composition,” I told the student. “You see me in class twice a week. You and I have spoken outside of class on two occasions. Only this morning, we exchanged several messages. Yet, you never mentioned any email or the problems you were having with this assignment.”

“Well, I don’t know,” the student said, as the words “I’m such a lousy liar” pulsated on her forehead in huge neon letters. “I asked you for help, and you refused.”

An adult realizes that antagonizing the person you are interacting with by inventing a veritable calumny (because that is how I see a suggestion that I refused to help a student) is a very stupid way to proceed. By placing the blame onto the other individual by accusing them of your own screw-up brings the momentary relief of not needing to admit your mistake. However, you always end up paying a high price for this meaningless avoidance of discomfort. People lose all respect for you and nobody takes you seriously any longer.

It is sad to see people who are well into their twenties but who still employ the kindergarten strategies of saying, “I didn’t do this bad thing, and even if I did, it’s all your fault because you made me do it. And if you didn’t make me do it, then somebody else did because it cannot possibly be my fault.”


I just encountered the expression “placenta-eating-advocates” in a blog post. I’m hoping against all hope that “placenta” is some kind of a tofu-like substance. Or a fruit. Somebody needs to tell me that placentas these advocates are eating are not actual placentas.

I’d research this but I haven’t been feeling too well today and I’m afraid I will throw up.