Sunday Link Encyclopedia and Self-Promotion

Spoons now have gender! I always knew there was something kitchen utensils were sorely missing. We now need to assign nationality to them and maybe even give out little passports.

Dick Cheney says Canada is a dangerous place.

Religious homeschoolers breed dependent doormats.The first paragraph of the post is apologetic, servile, and meaningless. But the rest of the post is very good.

Yet another sex-deprived, unpopular, miserable and lonely guy screeching about those bad, mean, “arrogant” women who dare manage their own reproductive health without asking for his opinions. My blogroll has been populated by one desperate post after another written by pathetic men with no lives of their own who are heart-broken that women are not inviting them to manage their uteri. Are they not seeing how ridiculous this makes them look?

The claim that vaginal birth is an “achievement” or “empowering” or worthy of praise makes as much sense as believing your eye color is an achievement or empowering or worthy of praise. You have to be pretty desperate for positive attention to take credit for bodily attributes that are beyond anyone’s control.” Hear, hear!

This great post debunks the myth that more time is what you need to produce a lot of high-quality academic writing.

I know it will never happen, but I am waiting for the dozens of “I’m sorry world, for being such a fucking idiot” posts from all of the eventheliberals who for years imagined that a Grand Bargain could be struck with the anti-choice movement if only stupid liberal bloggers would be nicer to them.” Exactly. There is no arguing, compromising, or finding common ground with unhinged, miserable people. Mollycoddling them is a losing strategy. They see your weakness and start bullying you. We need to speak their own language to them and scream them down. Nothing else will work.

Agribusiness is ruining capitalism.

Publishers turn the concept of “open access” into a joke by charging authors huge sums of money for placing their own articles into open access. The sleaziest, nastiest jerks congregate at publishing houses. The good news is that the institution of a publishing house will soon die out completely thanks to digital publishing and self-publishing.

A great post from a promising new blogger from Israel: “I’m willing to sacrifice a lot in order to make a secular, democratic, open Israel a reality. Some religious folk are willing to sacrifice a lot to see the Third Temple built on Mount Moria and the Judian kingdom re-instated, its laws firmly based on Jewish Halacha.”

The foundations of intellectual shamanism.

Will Quebec save Canada? (My personal answer would be yes, of course.)

A very valuable post for academic writers. Highly recommended.

Want to get awarded the title of the best post of the week by Clarissa’s Blog? Write a post denouncing Lloyd Blankfein and end it with the following statement: “As soon put your faith in the goodwill of  a rearing cobra, as in the soulless eyes of the CEO of Goldman Sachs.” Yes, yes, yes!

How to Defeat Your Own Cause

Do you agree with the statement that “some men rape, ergo all men are rapists”? I hope not because if you do, I don’t want you on my blog. I want you in a psychiatrist’s office.

If you agree with me that it is wrong to condemn an entire group based on the actions of some members of this group, then how is it OK to make the following statements:

That is perhaps the grandest irony of all this: feminism perpetuates these prejudices by painting women as only victims and men as only oppressors. Feminists peddle that message so much that many governments and political organizations accept it without question. It never occurs to any of them to ask whether men and boys are victims of rape and sexual violence.

Would it have killed the author of this piece to put the word “some” before mentioning feminists? Doesn’t he realize that this blatant and stupid generalization makes him sound just like those unhinged people who consider all men to be rapists?

Probably the author of this post was trying to make an important point. I wouldn’t be able to appreciate it, though, because I have no trust for a person capable of such sloppy and careless generalizations.

Again, on the US-Russia Relations

I don’t know how to say this any clearer, so I’ll just repeat myself: no matter what the US could, would, should or might have done, its relations with Russia would still be very bad. Because that’s what Russia needs at this point. The anti-US feelings meet a huge internal need in Russia.

George W. Bush could have walked on water, but this would have changed nothing in terms of the US-Russia relations. So let’s stop dumping on Bush already. On this particular issue, he is really not to blame.

My Life Strategy

Do you know this joke about a knight and a dragon?

A knight was crossing the desert. He’d been walking for a very long time and was exhausted and thirsty. On the way, he’d lost his horse and his helmet. Even his boots had fallen apart. All that he had left was his sword.

Suddenly, he saw a small lake on the horizon. The knight realized that he’d finally be able to slake his thirst, so he got over his exhaustion and ran towards the lake.

When he got there, though, he saw a three-headed dragon sitting by the side of the lake. The knight got out his sword and started battling the dragon. He fought him all day long and finally managed to cut off two of the dragon’s heads. The dragon fell onto the ground in complete exhaustion, and so did the knight.

“Why did you attack me?” the dragon asked the knight in a small voice.

“I wanted a drink of water. . .” the knight whispered.

“So why didn’t you just drink???” the dragon asked.

I’m exactly like that knight. I create insurmountable difficulties for myself, then battle them to the point of complete exhaustion, and then heroically overcome them.

Of course, none of this heroism would be needed if I didn’t create the obstacles for myself.

It’s a very stupid life strategy, and I do not recommend it.