Sunday Link Encyclopedia and Self-Promotion

Another Goldman Sachs idiot“. A brilliant post.

My kids don’t come first. My FAMILY comes first. Kids who come first end up being entitled little pricks with helicopter parents who are PITA in the classroom and in life until they get beaten down when they’re finally away from their parents. Our family is a team with all members equally important.” It gladdens my heart to read posts from such wonderful, intelligent, reasonable parents. If I do have children, I will print this out in huge letters and hang it on my wall.

And another great post from the same great blogging tandem. It brightened up a very gray and busy morning I was having, so I’m sharing it in hopes you will feel the same.

God save us all from profs who hate their profession and their life so much and then advise young people about what to do while being blinded by their own misery.

An inventive prof who came up with an admirable plot to have fun in a dead classroom. I so wish I’d thought of this last semester when I had a dead classroom of my own!

The difference, like a lot of the differences between the Sciences and the Humanities, is political. As I have noted in the past, science (if done correctly) is inherently apolitical (with, of course, some exceptions for fields such as ‘evolutionary psychology,’ which are entangled with messy assumptions about Human nature). The Humanities, which deal appropriately enough with activities and phenomena that Humans are actually likely to experience on a day-to-day basis, are inherently politicized. And being politicized, everyone feels entitled to an opinion, no matter how ill-informed they are in practice.” There is a lot more in this brilliant brilliant brilliant post by a talented young physicist.

An egregiously sexist ad.

Does ADHD exist or is it a tool of social engineering?

An article that bashes women who work even though it agrees with the obvious and well-known fact that “Stay-at-home moms had more depression symptoms than the working moms in the study – a conclusion other studies have also found.”

Gender-Neutral Pronouns and One-Letter Words.

I haven’t written anything about Trayvon Martin but this brilliant blogger did and, after this post, I have nothing left to add.

20 to 40 percent of all immigrants to the United States ultimately return to their native lands.”

Three issues that divide China’s Communist elite.

This blogger must be a mind reader: “I have grand dreams of millions of job interviewees telling HR to shove it where the sun doesn’t shine so that employers might start changing their tune.” I have the same dream, people.

I love these posts by a Dutchman who is discovering the US because many of the things that he finds strange and unexpected are the same phenomena that have baffled me when I first arrived in the country. Here is a very interesting post from this blogger.

As if the 2009 nomination of the extremely stupid and corrupt Larry Summers for a key position in the economy had not been enough, President Obama puts in place a completely unqualified leader for the World Bank: “Next, the President may nominate  a ballet dancer or a basketball player, or whoever else takes his personal fancy,  to key roles in the global economy. Now surely such nominees might perform better than Summers or Romer ever could.” Hear, hear! I only want to add that the nomination of Summers in 2009 was the moment when I lost faith in Obama very early into his presidency. I felt personally betrayed, in a way, by that nomination.

And this is the kind of professor of economics that makes me happy I never had the misfortune of encountering such a prof in college: “And while he’s quite willing to argue that “slavery was appalling because it treated human beings as a commodity, to be bought and sold at auction,” he never raises a question about the buying and selling of labor power. In other words, he presumes we all know that human chattel, the buying and selling of human beings, is morally wrong but he doesn’t touch on a key ingredient of market society: the fact that large numbers of human beings are forced to have the freedom to sell their ability to work for a wage.” As a descendant of slaves, I find any comparison of slavery with working for a wage to be absolutely appalling.

And the title of the post of the week goes to: “A Disabled Feminist Goes to the Movies: The Business of Being Born.” I wanted to cull a quote out of the post but then I realized that it is too good not to be read in its entirety.

Dear Marusivechi!

Who is the most wonderful, amazing, intellectual, fantastic person in the universe?

Of course, it’s you.

And you are starting the best decade of your life so far right now!

You are, without a doubt, the most wonderful person in the universe.

Happy 30th Birthday, kid!

I love you more than words can tell.