Answering Search Queries

Time has come to answer a fresh round of questions that bring people to this blog.

why do eastern european women do porn – For the same reasons as men and women from any other part of the world. Neither the gender nor the geographical area of one’s birth can possibly have anything to do with a decision to do porn.

dumped after disclosing aspbergers – I’m sorry to hear that. However, what you need to know is that s/he was just not that into you and was looking for an excuse to dump you. If this person really wanted you, you could have disclosed having a tail and horns, and s/he would have found it super cute.

is twilight a bildungsroman – Rather than a novel of female development, it’s more of a novel of a stunted female growth. The last 30 years have brought a scary number of novels where women who live in societies that place no restrictions on their personal development willfully stunt their own growth and infantilize themselves. In the much more repressive XIXth century nothing like this existed.

does kindle fire read cyrillic – In .doc and .pdf files, absolutely.

ways too avoid alcohol at parties – Drink water.

reasons to fuck older men – The only reason to fuck any men or women irrespective of their age is desiring them sexually. And if you don’t understand that, you need to visit a sexopathologist urgently.

contemporary spanish literature what to read? – Just a brief list of names: Juan Marse, Almudena Grandes, Manuel Vilas, Antonio Munoz Molina, Care Santos, Enrique Vila-Matas, Julia Navarro, Juan Jose Millas.

celebrating gender differences in classroom – Get a brain, buddy. What is there to “celebrate” about physiology? Are you getting ready to waste class time on celebrating the differences in the lengths of your students’ noses? Is that what you are getting paid for?

liberal arts majors are jealous of engineers – What are you, three? People aren’t sentenced by the court to have a certain major in college. They choose their own majors. And it’s very very easy to declare a new major whenever you get disappointed with yours. Got it, you weird person?

i didn’t become a teacher to deal with horrible parents – I know where you are coming from, buddy, and I commiserate. I have no useful advice to offer other than getting yourself a nice massage or having a relaxing bath.

how is bdsm transgressive? – It isn’t.

is rape a defense against child support? – What a completely meaningless query. Rape of whom and by whom? Unless the child in question raped you, how can rape have anything to do with that child’s support money?

grown children and co sleeping – Horrible abuse. I know of a few cases when that happened. Such people do not have any semblance of a personal life and are complete hysterics and weirdos. (I’m talking about both “co-sleeping” parents and children here).

should students become entrepreneurs – What a strange search query. If that’s what they want to, yes.

are men scarce? – There are about 3,5 billion men in the world, so I’d say no. In some countries, the population of men vastly exceeds that of women because of femicide and gender-selective abortion. In those parts of the world, women are getting scarce. There are some tiny countries that experience male scarcity but, in terms of the entire planet, they are very insignificant.

eastern europe women porn why – Gosh, buddy, you are obsessed. Because they want to, got it?

best dry skin facial cream – Here I can really be of help. Olay Regenerist is all that its ads promise and more. I also have started using Korres Wild Rose recently, and it moisturizes really well.

why are women so complicated – Because we are human. Or haven’t you heard?

awesome alcohol for new years party – I’ve got to say, my friend, if you are choosing alcohol for New Year’s in March, you might have a problem.

russian salad mayonnaise – Yes. All Russian salads have huge amounts of mayonnaise.

husband immature video games – Hey, lay off the husband, shall you? He has a very mature way of conducting his own psychological hygiene through practicing this good and harmless hobby. And it looks like you are in need of some psychological hygiene of your own because “my husband is immature” is not a psychologically healthy thing to say.

how to forget about what people think – By remembering how rare it is for people to think of others.

did fluke say she was having a lot of sex – Of course, not. But why, on God’s green Earth, does it possibly matter?

is eve ensler a lesbian? – You do realize that the moment such a question occurred to you, you have become an official weirdo, right?

feminists are autistic – Some are, some aren’t. There are just as many autistics among feminists as there are among anti-feminists. One starts to lose faith in humanity when seeing completely stupid queries like this one.

how are our brains hard wired to do some of the things they do – Brains are not “hard wired.” Anybody who uses this expression is a total idiot. Hint: Dr. Phil repeats it like a parrot.

can a rapist be forced to pay child support to victim that conceives from rape – Another genius. Child support is paid to children. Hence the name, “child support.” Being a victim of even the most horrible crime does not transform you into a child and make you eligible for child support. How come there are so many intellectually impotent people?

how much sex is sandra fluke having – I want to hope that a team of experienced psychiatrists can help the idiot who entered this query into the search box.

clarissa rules – Yes, I do!

Romney and Others on Russia

I wish profoundly ignorant people did not write about foreign relations. The following statement almost made me fall off my chair:

Broadly speaking, U.S. policy in Europe aims for a Europe that is “united, whole, and free.” On the whole, Russia cannot do much about that and doesn’t try, and it isn’t interested in rolling back the eastward expansion of the European Union.

Erm, what? Do the words “Ukraine” and “the Orange Revolution” mean anything to this blethering fool? When the Russian Secret Services aggressively interfered in the Ukrainian elections and poisoned the pro-European candidate, that didn’t count? The people of my country protested in the streets for months to defend their right to elect their own president and not have a pro-Russian, anti-European puppet appointed by Moscow.

It is especially annoying to see how this uneducated author easily dismisses the reality of foreign nations to prove some silly and insignificant point:

Russian ambitions, such as they are, include keeping NATO from additional eastward expansion, maintaining its influence in former Soviet space (which is related to blocking new NATO expansion), and using its energy resources to wield clout in Europe. Their ambitions are “directly counter our own” to the extent that the U.S. insists on expanding an obsolete Cold War-era military alliance and building ballistic missile defense systems in Europe.

“Maintaining its influence in former Soviet space” in reality means invading, interfering, destroying any possibility of a democracy. And having something to say about this egregious conduct is “obsolete.”

I believe that Romney blundered when he declared that “Russia is our #1 geopolitical foe.” The blunder, however, consisted in when and how this statement was made, not in the message it contained. This position is, at any rate, more realistic and bodes greater hope for the FSU countries than Obama’s coy “wink, wink, giggle, giggle, just wait until I get elected and then we’ll be best buddies.”

Just remember for a moment that there are over a dozen nations that are located close to Russia and that have a very long history of being violated, invaded, tortured and persecuted because of the imperial ambitions of the Russians. The people of those nations are looking avidly for any sign whatsoever that if they get invaded by their huge neighbor, somebody will object. In 2008, when the international community said absolutely nothing as the Russian troops razed Georgia, these people got their answer.

Romney’s position gives all these people hope, while Obama’s stance is a little terrifying to them. Romney is not going to  win these elections, and I really don’t want him to. It would be great, however, if this country’s foreign policy stopped being oriented towards the immediate needs of the election cycle and started to develop at least a little bit of a long-term perspective.