Russian Babushki at the Eurovision

After the Russian Justin Timberlake, Dima Bilan, won the Eurovision in 2008, I stopped following the contest as a sign of protest (if you hear or see Bilan, you’ll understand). As a result, I missed the hilarious entry of a Russian group of singing and dancing grannies into Eurovision. A colleague at the Eastern European roundtable had to tell me about it.

I really dig the babushki because this is a culture where women willingly transform into hopeless old ladies with no interests other than gossiping and whining about everything at the age of 50. This has been changing in big cities, but in the country-side that the grannies represent with their folk costumes and music, this tradition is as alive as ever.

The grannies will not win Eurovision but, at least, they will have a good time. And maybe even inspire other babushkas to do the same.

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