A Russian Statistician at a Baseball Game

N calls from the game.

“So who’s winning?” I ask.

“I have no idea. It all looks pretty random,” he says. “If nothing changes by 10 pm, I’ll just go.”

“Go Cardinals!” I say.

26 thoughts on “A Russian Statistician at a Baseball Game”

      1. You”ll have your husband back soon, the Cardinals finally won in the 10th inning. Inning is like the “tiempos” in futbol, a way the game is divided. There are 9 innings in a regular baseball game. And trust me, there is nothing remotely erotic in baseball, at all.


        1. Oh, we kicked their asses!!! Good for us!!

          ” And trust me, there is nothing remotely erotic in baseball, at all.”

          – Then why do people watch? Look at soccer, that sport is sexy. I don’t even know why straight men watch it at all.


        2. It turns out that at this baseball game there was free beer, hot dogs, sauerkraut, German sausages, potatoes – and all for free! I’m starting to wonder why I never go if they feed one there for free.


      2. I don’t find soccer sexy at all. It is mostly boring. So is American football. The amazing skills required for baseball, like golf, make for some interesting watching; but rarely enough to make me want to watch instead of read a good book.


    1. The physics behind baseball is interesting, but I don’t like to watch it. I like watching soccer, but mostly because I play it. Hockey, on the other hand….


      1. I replied to a different comment than the one to which I was going to reply. Gah. Might as well go back to sleep if I’m being this incoherent.


  1. But in popular parlance the whole thing is about dating. You have to “step up to the bat” (make an effort), “connect” with the ball, get to first base … and eventually “home.”

    Or you can step up to the bat, but strike out (fail to connect). Etc., etc.


  2. Oh come one, men wearing ridiculous little tight pants, and that’s not erotic? (I wouldn’t know, I’m asexual and not interested in men, but somehow it doesn’t compute in my brain…) Baseball isn’t all bad, though it is boring, I find it more engaging than American Football. Though I prefer “real” sports, like gymnastics. (I used to be a relatively high-level gymnast, until my body gave out). Ok, “real” is just a joke – after having spent weeks stuck in gym class learning to play baseball, I can assure you that it does take a lot of physical coordination that I am simply lacking in. Well, that and motivation. But to each his (or her) own.

    also – HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!


  3. Baseball games are fun to go to, but rather boring to watch on television. My father’s employer had season tickets to Louisville’s minor league baseball team when I was a kid.


  4. Baseball is about leaving the regular world behind and entering into a world of mythic time where the game takes as long as it takes. Hours and minutes mean nothing anymore; it’s measured in innings, outs, and strikes. That’s one big reason why I love it.

    Also, it can be erotic. I do love watching Ichiro run.


    1. Yes, these are the reasons I like it, too. It’s also very folkloric – the old guys sitting down in front yelling creative insults at the umpires, the quirkiness of the vendors, etc.

      Cricket is even more that way. I saw Windies vs. India at the Queen’s Crescent once in Port of Spain and it took all day (and that was short), and the food, the drinks, and the sideshows were all really amazing.


      1. ” It’s also very folkloric – the old guys sitting down in front yelling creative insults at the umpires, the quirkiness of the vendors, etc.”

        – That’s why I like bullfighting.


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