Corporate Woes

N. calls and says, in a voice of a person condemned to intolerable suffering:

“I will be late because I’m going to a baseball game with the guys.”

Coming from him, this sentence sounds the same as if I said, “I will be at a knitting bee with the housewives.” Or if I said, “I will be at a party with chit-chatting networkers.” Or if Sarah Palin said, “I will be at the library with academics.” Or if Rick Santorum said, “I will be at an orgy with the hippies.” Or if Obama said, “I will be bowling with truck drivers.”

N. has never been to a baseball game and would never go of his own free will. I know because I suggested we go on Saturday, just to see his reaction. He had a very haunted look. But his company has clients visiting from overseas, and they need to be shown a good time. Good time in this geographic area translates into baseball.

Those high corporate salaries come at a price. In the meanwhile, I will be laughing every time I imagine N. “at the game with the guys.” It’s the most incongruous picture ever. Do they sell beer, at least, at those games? I hope they do because, otherwise, he might not be able to deal with the experience.

12 thoughts on “Corporate Woes

  1. Beer and hot dogs – plenty of them. Chewing tobacco also. All those may come in handy if N is still watching the game at the bottom of the ninth!

    W would be there!


  2. Do they sell beer, at least, at those games? I hope they do because, otherwise, he might not be able to deal with the experience.

    Trust me, no one can survive the 3+ hours of a baseball game without beer. Even the staunchest baseball fall with avail itself to one or two pints of beer in that time.


      1. Cincinnatti. The Cards are my brother’s favorite team, the Red’s my sister’s.

        My brother sent me a picture from the Arch. Beautiful. I need to visit St. Louis!


  3. Do they sell beer?
    The team used to be owned by the Busch family of Anheuser-Busch Brewery (now Stella Artois, dammit). Opening day ceremonies featured the A-B Clydesdales (draft horses) pulling an old-style beer wagon around the field.
    Yes, the beer is bland and overpriced. However, the solution to that, if you are a mere citizen and not a corporate box-holder, is to have a beer and brats cook-out in the parking lot an hour or two before the game.


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