Sunday Link Encyclopedia and Self-Promotion

The British solution to all problems. It’s the Russian solution, too.

Is email becoming dysfunctional?

What getting an abortion used to be like when this country was still civilized about the issue.

Dr. Amy Tuteur ridicules the idiots who are so threatened by Elisabeth Badinter’s feminism that they spread lies about her.

Really complex, difficult works of literature exercise the human intelligence in a way that almost nothing else can.” Yes.

Freedom Day in South Africa from the person who was there in 1994 and has recorded his experiences in a diary.

“Interest in how men’s bodies prepare themselves for fatherhood only seems to matter to the extent it sheds light on mothers. Meanwhile, the ways in which dads screw up their kids is a thriving area of research.”

Look I don’t know how else to say this, but if you are a woman who supports the Republican party in 2012 you are an idiot! I mean what more do they need to do to convince you? Forcibly remove your ovaries until you swear to them that you will only use them to create more Republicans?” How can you argue with that?

A scholar from Princeton explains that the paranoia about crowds of illegal Mexicans flooding this country was invented to serve political goals and has no basis in reality: “We are not being flooded with illegal Mexican migrants. The total number of migrants from Mexico has varied very little since the 1950s. The massive influx many have written about never happened. ”

A post on crosses and condoms at the WKU by a former student of the university. As good as my post on the subject was :-), the perspective of somebody who actually knows what the environment at the WKU campus is like is priceless. Do read! Whatever you think you know about that story, your knowledge is not complete without this account.

So far, the human race has used pregnancy and children to punish women for having sex. That’s basically it, really — the idea that we think of pregnancy as the “price” women are supposed to pay for having a good time explains so much about what is dysfunctional in humanity.” I was shocked when a commenter on my own blog referred to pregnancy as a price women should be prepared to pay for sex. I’ve never met such bizarre and ignorant people in real life but now I know they exist, which is why the linked post is a must read.

A new type of phishing scam: beware!

And the post of the week is: “It seems to me that in popular discourse, education is uniquely susceptible to instrumentalization as compared with other quality of life issues. Getting a job is seemingly the sole horizon within which education can be discussed — even humanities scholars continually exhort each other to “make the case” that their graduates actually have the most valuable job skills of all, etc., etc. There are more “idealistic” visions of education that tend to place it within the context of democratic citizenship, but that is just a larger-scale vision of practical instrumentalization. There just doesn’t seem to be room in mainstream discourse for someone to say, “Being educated improves and enriches every part of life, not just your work life.” I’m so tired of having to explain how the education I provide leads to employment. It leads to many other things, too. Work is important but it isn’t like we only exist to work.

5 thoughts on “Sunday Link Encyclopedia and Self-Promotion

  1. Thanks again for the link! I have to write up more of my Very Good Ideas for saving the world! Bwahaha. 😈


  2. I expanded my mind by reading the complex literature of Nietzsche and Bataille. Seriously, these guys often receive wacky interpretations. I read yesterday that Bataille was Rousseauean, that he wanted to romanticize workers as having moral superiority to other classes of society. Nothing could be further from the truth, as he celebrated violence, deterioration and despair in much the same way as the Addams Family. Earlier, I also read he was a “left fascist” as he makes reference to the generally overlook irrational aspects of life. He is a leftist who takes note of the irrational dimensions of everyday existence, so necessary that must make him a “left fascist”.


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