This Better Be Worth It!

This trip to Europe better be worth it, people, because it was an adventure of rare proportions to get into this airplane to London. The adventure included:

1. An unpleasant airline person at Lambert Airport refusing to let me board because “you will miss the connecting flight anyways.”

2. The need to phone customer assistance and the immediate autistic unraveling.

3. 5 flight delays.

4. A race across Chicago O’Hare with the grace of a wounded hippopotamus.

5. Getting to the plane right at that moment when the flight attendant starts to close the door.

In the end, however, a reward awaited me: I got one of those great seats on the long flight to London which is like Business Class without being Business Class. I was afraid I’d have to sit squeezed between strangers but, I sit in the aisle and the seat next to me is empty. So I don’t have to have strangers next to me at all. And the bathroom is very close.

I have V.S. Naipaul’s The Writer and the World with me, and what is more relaxing than Naipaul’ writing?

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