German Beer

Whoever said on this blog that German beer was the best in the world – was it Charles Rowley? – was absolutely right. I had a German beer today and what can I tell you, people? It was bizarrely good. I’ve lived my entire life thinking I hated beer only to be proven wrong today.

You live, you learn.

7 thoughts on “German Beer

      1. No! Don’t go to Belgium.
        I have tried them again and again and Belgian beers are a Russian roulette. In one of five cases they are to spit out, in three cases they are beh, and in one case they are kind of good and interesting. But they always have a hint of dark, wet cellar in them. On the other hand, German beers are either clean and good or complex and good. In some even both (I repeat Kölsch). 🙂


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