I can’t do my link Encyclopedia while I travel but do check out this post that I agree with completely. The journalists should not be allowed to engage in child abuse to make a catchy title. Is anybody going to look out for the rights of children already?

The Twisted Spinster

Forget everything I’ve ever written ever, and by the way forget anything else that is happening anywhere. If the people at TIME Magazine responsible for this cover did not actually Photoshop the kid into this shot then every single person involved should be arrested for child sexual abuse.

Yes I realize there’s nothing wrong with breast feeding and women’s boobs. But they’ve got a picture of a kid who looks old enough to be riding a bicycle without training wheels sucking on a woman’s nipple on the cover of their latest issue. I find that, to put it mildly, wrong. No point that TIME wanted to make about the pros and cons of attachment parenting warranted putting an actual kid sucking an actual woman’s actual breast on the cover of their magazine. I don’t care if it’s the real kid and his mom. I don’t usually advocate…

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South African Visitors

My statcounter shows that the blog has had a huge influx of visitors from South Africa in the past two days. Welcome to the blog, dear South Africans! It’s great to have you here.

If anybody can explain why I suddenly have more visitors from South Africa than from anywhere else in the world, please do so. I’m very curious. The link counter offers no clues to this mystery.

Flea Market

We visited this great flea market yesterday that had all kinds of beautiful things. However, one thought kept bothering me : how do I know that none of those silver spoons, coffee sets, antique toys, etc. weren’t taken off some Jewish families during the Nazi times?

The history is everywhere here. I heard a tour guide say, “Schnelle, Schnelle! ” to the group of tourists he was trying to steer across the road and I was flooded with anxiety.

I’m very glad I came to Germany because it’s a very charged place for somebody of my origins, and confronting this historical legacy is important.

Easy to Impress

Our valedictorian said the following in her address during the Graduation Ceremony: “I was really astonished to find out that one of my professors had a publication. Just imagine, she was a published author! How amazing is that? And some of my professors had doctoral degrees!”

I wish the tenure committee were as easy to impress. “I have a publication, ladies and gentlemen. AND, on top of that amazing achievement, I have a PhD!”

Students are too cute.