Move to Iran!

Of course, the answer to this would be “but our religion is right and theirs is wrong, so there is no similarity.” Which makes teh situation even funnier.

19 thoughts on “Move to Iran!”

  1. Yeah, I used that exact example once, when pointing out to a fellow who believed that the (U.S) Government should criminalize homosexuality because “such behaviour” was against his religion. When I told him if he wanted a theocratic rule, he should move to Iran, he whined “But they kill CHRISTIANS there, that’s totally different!”
    What a pig.


    1. I’ve libertarians who hate the government to move to Somalia…. after all, if government is so evil, it must be a total paradise over there.


  2. Who created this? It’s really funny.

    Actually, family planning and sex ed are really big there too…. but the key points are important. There really is no substantial difference between extremists of different religions.


  3. This is beautiful! I was almost thinking “Saudi Arabia” before I made it to the nuclear program bullet. 🙂 But that’d suit the Republicans too.


  4. I could just as easily make a picture that says:

    “Hey liberals, why don’t you move to a country where:

    The constitution entitles all people to basic health care.
    70% of science and engineering students are women.
    There is a smaller gap between the rich and the poor.
    Everyone gets comprehensive sex education.
    This country has not started a war since the 19th century.

    This magical country is not Sweden or France, it is….Iran!”

    The poster tells at least three lies:

    * There is no “flat tax” in Iran, families that make less money are taxed at a lower rate.
    * There are plenty of entitlement programs in Iran. In addition to Social Security and health care, most people get oil money checks from the government.
    * The poorest Iranians have much better access to healthcare than the poorest Americans, even after Obamacare. Like I said, the right to healthcare is in their constitution.

    Iran actually has a lot going for it, and I’m sick of seeing it demonized by the liberals and conservatives together.


  5. Actually, Iran does have environmentalists – but also and more significantly, Iran has the 2nd highest number of sex-change operations in the world and they are partly funded by the government, so no Republican would set foot in this Sodom of sexual liberalism 😉


  6. I didn’t say they were tolerant towards transgender people, I only said they had a high number of sex-change operations. Maybe I should have gone into detail more. Actually, gays aren’t forced to get the operation – but it’s pretty close in that changing your sex is the only legal alternative for gays to being celibate. Khomeini said back in the day that transsexualism was a real thing and that “diagnosed transsexuals” (yes, it’s seen as a medical illness) can be “fixed” through this operation, so that has been the policy ever since. If Khomeini hadn’t said something to that effect it probably wouldn’t be legal but I guess this just goes to show how random your ethics can get once you start seeing things as right or wrong depending soleley on what someone “infallible” said…


  7. In the comments of Jane’s article there are 2 good links:

    However many transgender surgeries are actually performed on gay men who report being coerced. They and actual Iranian transgendered people report being persecuted, tortured and coerced to undergo sex reassignment procedure.

    Many of those Iranians undergoing operations end up far worse off because of carelessly performed or even incomplete reassignment procedures and absent pre-surgery counseling.

    Most transgendered individuals cannot get a job until they go through a sex-change operation and receive a new identification card. Despite the supposed government assistance, most transgendered people lack the financial means for a sex-change operation. Consequently, many of them turn to prostitution in order to earn money for the sex reassignment procedure. Prostitution brings with it, however, all types of risks and dangers from sexually transmitted diseases and HIV infection to abuse, rape and murder.

    Despite the government’s theoretical acceptance of transgender people, like gays and lesbians, they are always in danger of getting beaten and arrested by the unaccountable Basiji forces (a paramilitary volunteer militia). Transgender people have been deemed ‘criminal by the Basiji and delivered to Mafased, the organization responsible for dealing with ‘moral corruption’, which can imprison people for days and subject them to physical and psychological torture.

    Judges, who can arbitrarily decides whether to set a person free or not, usually use sexist, brutal and demoralizing words and acts.
    Transsexual realities in Iran

    In point of fact, transsexuals, pre and post-op, are still highly marginalized in Iran. They still face considerable discrimination in terms of jobs and education. They are unable to even obtain SRS unless they can come up with at least $3500 (a huge amount in a country where the per capita income is $6,000 and likely far less for young transitioners). It’s a country which has extremes of income and class, with much of the country living at a level far below that amount, especially outside of Tehran. Moreover, one can only obtain SRS with their parents’ signed approval. It is repeatedly said Iran has more SRS surgeries than any country except Thailand, but has anyone ever presented actual statistics to support that claim? The main, pioneering SRS surgeon in the film, Dr. Bahram Mir-Jalali says he’s performed 450 SRSs in the past 12 years—less than 40 a year. By contrast, Dr. Pierre Brassard in Montreal has performed more than 200 SRSs a year for the past 10-12 years, Marci Bowers in Trinidad, CO has performed a similar number for the past 5-6 years, as has Dr. Meltzer in Scottsdale, AZ for nearly 20 years. Yet Iran’s mythical huge number of SRSs has been repeated ad infinitum in a wide range of mainstream media as though it’s a fact.


  8. iran does have universal healthcare. and virtually zero taxes of any form (sales tax? HAH!), which is why no one bitches over there. and i briefly skimmed over one person’s comment about sex change operations… iran/islam recognizes the disorder where a person wrongly identifies with their born gender, and allows the operation. they do not in any way shape or form allow homosexuality though, lol! very funny, no?


  9. p.s. iran does not care enough to force ppl into operations (not to say it’s never happened!) why do that when you can just execute and exemplify? silly people, thinking iran would avoid harsh death penalties… LOL


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