Sunday Link Encyclopedia and Self-Promotion

Christian Smith defends Mark Regnerus, an author of anti-gay and anti-women rants, but forgets to mention his personal connection to Regnerus.

Zombie nouns.

Farmers’ Market Etiquette.

A response to my post about the New Russians and their gymnasts.

Another post on how homeschooling messes with your mind and stunts your development.

On Romney’s distasteful activities on his visit to Israel.

It never ends well when someone tries to compare or match my lived experiences to something that they read about in a book . . . Because almost inevitably, they ask me to account for a variation between what was described in their book and what goes on in my life, or they immediately take control of the conversation about the topic away from me and my life and put it into theirs, when they haven’t ever actually lived these experiences, except vaguely vicariously through a medium which may not be 100% accurate and may or may not have been written without a particular agenda to push.” What can I say, except that I know exactly what this blogger is talking about? Reading is great. I’m all for reading. But I can’t begin to tell you how obnoxious people sound when they start to insist that their readings about my experiences are more valuable than those experiences. This happens especially often when folks start lecturing me about the history of my country.

The Republican look.

Do you love quinoa as much as I love it? Then here is a recipe for quinoa-stiffed tomatoes.

Father’s rights breached by mother ‘too upset’ to let him see children.” Are the journalist who come up with these titles on drugs? What does this idiot mean by “father’s rights breached”? How about the miserable children of this disgusting harpy of a mother? Isn’t the violation of their rights worth mentioning? This entire article sounds like we are talking about poodles, not actual children who have rights and feelings of their own.

Ideological positions as marketing strategy.

I don’t know why anybody would eat the garbage sold by Chick-Fil-A (Burger King offers gourmet meals in comparison with Chick-Fil-A’s nasty fare), but now we have a great reason to stop patronizing the chain altogether. Let the invisible hand of the market destroy these homophobes, eh? That will be a fitting punishment, indeed.

Here is another good post on the Chick-Fil-A debacle.

What not to say in a phone interview.

Another reason to love Amazon (its support of gay rights.)  Should I repeat my Spiel on the invisible hand, or are we clear in this point?

A collection of quotes on Romney’s gaffes. The guy is seriously lacking in the charisma department. I’m not sure this should matter but the American voters tend to believe otherwise.

If an academic conference’s organizers give the major speaking slots only to men, are those who attend the conference complicit in denying opportunities to women? That’s the question two male philosophers have posed in declaring that they will not accept invitations to such conferences, and inviting other philosophers to similarly pledge to boycott “male-only events.” What do you think?

I keep coming back to a simple thought. If you stumble across a corner of the internet that bothers you, why not just move on? I mean, I wish that more people would be open to feminism, queer activism, fat positivity, anti-racism, etc, but if you are outright opposed to these things, why even engage? Why bother? If you think we’re so wrong, just see yourself to the door. Seriously! When MRAs pick up my blog, I don’t go over there trying to teach them a thing or two. It wouldn’t end well for anyone involved. I just. move. on.” Exactly.


14 thoughts on “Sunday Link Encyclopedia and Self-Promotion”

  1. Thanks for the link!
    I’m laughing at how badly Romney’s trip to Israel is going, when he hasn’t even set foot on Israeli soil yet. I think he wanted to keep the press out of there so that he could avoid uncomfortable questions from local newspapers about those post-mortem baptisms of Holocaust survivors that his religion is so very fond of. And his staff wanted to make sure he didn’t do anything embarrassing like compliment the Jews on how good of a job they did building the pyramids of Egypt.


    1. “And his staff wanted to make sure he didn’t do anything embarrassing like compliment the Jews on how good of a job they did building the pyramids of Egypt.”

      🙂 🙂 🙂

      I had no idea he was going to be as bad at foreign relations as he has proved to be in the UK.


  2. “I call them “zombie nouns” because they cannibalize active verbs, suck the lifeblood from adjectives and substitute abstract entities for human beings.” Quoted at the link.

    Uh, that’s not what a zombie is, or not all. A zombie is a dead person that has somehow been given the ability to move about and do things, such as be a slave for the person who raised them from the dead. (The cannibalism stuff was added by horror movie directors.) What she’s actually saying is the words that are “zombie nouns” were once alive, and are now dead — which is not actually what words like “globalize” (and cannibalize! A word we don’t need since we already have the perfectly good word “eat”!) are. You can say they are awkward or unnecessary, but you can’t say they are old dead words that have been given new life.


  3. David Clay Large, a historian of modern Germany, has recently published a book about the 1972 Olympic Games & given 22 min interview about them. The discussion encompasses “what role Germany’s and Israel’s national identity played in the events leading up to the 1972 massacre, how the event is remembered in Germany and Israel today, and why the IOC is disingenuous in its refusal to have a memorial service this summer”.

    He was in the city at the time, so, in addition to being a historian, witnessed the after-attack reactions himself, which I found especially interesting.

    Parts of Interview transcript


  4. Re the Romney quotes: it’s not that he lacks charisma, it’s that he is an asshole. He has “I’m a rich white guy who has always been able to get away with anything because I have money” written all over him. Let’s by all means elect him president of the most powerful nation on earth.


    1. What is really strange is that there are people willing to vote for him. This guy’s entire campaign has been an unmitigated disaster. Or are people not seeing what I’m seeing?


      1. They are seeing what they want to see, basically, the Anti-Obama. They don’t care, they just want Obama gone and all his works to be undone. (Except the war stuff. That’s okay! Mitt can leave that alone! It’s the bad stuff like health care reform and gay marriage and letting women be in charge of their own bodies that has to be stopped.)


      2. Oh I do too. I like to think that it’s all just talk and people enjoying a fantasy but realizing on election day that playtime is over. Then again, I like to think a lot of things.


  5. I can’t believe the picture of this guy in his bathing suit and with the HUGE cross around the neck. 🙂 That is not what I imagined when I read your post.


  6. That Telegraph article purporting to be about father’s ‘rights’ is tiresomely inaccurate. The people whose rights were breached are the children – their needs are paramount. There is no such thing in English law as parental right to children. There is a right to family life, (a qualified one) but that just means that generally the government should not set policies that hinder family life. The journalist who wrote it has form for bad writing on the subject of father’s rights though, and so does the Telegraph in general, so I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised.


    1. Exactly. People who write about these issues tend to fixate on the “rights” of either parent, forgetting that we are discussing their supposed right to actual human beings. This tells us a lot about how these journalists see children.


      1. A lot of journalists are divorced or have rocky marriages and troubled family lives so I don’t trust their biases.


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