Adam M. Smith Appreciation Day

I’m eagerly awaiting a manifestation by the participants in  the Chick-Fil-A appreciation day in defense of Adam M. Smith:

An executive at a medical manufacturing firm lost his job after a YouTube video of him verbally ambushing a young employee at a Tucson Chick-fil-A went viral. Adam Smith, formerly Chief Financial Officer at Vante, stepped down after the video — which Smith shot and uploaded himself —caused embarrassment to the company.

Roger Vogel, Chairman, President and CEO of Vante, said the decision for Smith to step down was mutual. Vogel said he was “shocked” by the video, which he first discovered when people emailed him a link.

“We obviously found it very disturbing,” Vogel said. “We respect everybody’s ability to share their opinions in the public square and we have a very diverse workforce with a diverse set of opinions. We expect employees to behave in a professional manner that’s commensurate with their positions, and discuss their opinions in a civil fashion. … We thought what he did was inappropriate.”

Vogel said the company has no stance on the gay marriage issue but has always hade a “good relationship” with Chick-fil-A. He said the company will consider contacting the employee Smith ambushed in an attempt to mend fences.

The guy was fired for exercising his right to free speech. We’ve been hearing time and again from the Chick-Fil-A supporters that they support the right to free speech even when they find said speech hateful. This must mean that we will soon hear all about the date when the “Adam M. Smith Appreciation Day” is scheduled, right?

And now let the litany of “Yes, but. . .” begin.

The Cursing Thread

By huge popular demand, the cursing and swearing thread is back! As the new academic year approaches, all of us who have been suffering from annoying heat and a variety of aggravating life circumstances can vent our grievances and release some steam by cursing as loud as possible on Clarissa’s Blog.

I will leave this post  sticky for a while, so scroll down for new posts. Feel free to assume an anonymous identity for the swearing purposes. Let it all out and tell everybody and everything all you feel like saying. If it helps to cuss me out, do that. Swearing in all languages is acceptable and encouraged. This is supposed to be a cathartic experience, so don’t let any false feeling of propriety stop you.

Let the cursing begin.

Should Obama Order a Strike on Iran?

Here is an opinion:

President Obama could bomb Iran in late October to try and ensure that it does not develop nuclear weapons. A devastating strike would create an upsurge of patriotism in America and fully neutralize Mitt Romney’s contention that Obama is a foreign-policy wimp. It could allow Obama to sweep to victory in November.

And here is a different one:

Obama certainly could do this, but there shouldn’t be any illusions that it would give him a significant advantage in the election. There probably would be a surge in support for Obama at first, since this seems to happen at the beginning of almost every military engagement, but it wouldn’t last. I suspect a very war-weary public would sour on the war very quickly once it became apparent that attacking Iran involved more than a few days of casualty-free airstrikes.

Note that both commenters agree that bombing Iran would create a surge of support for the President. They only differ on how permanent this surge would be. This analysis sounds completely off to me. Do you believe that the American people would really rally  around a president (whether for a short while or not) who gets the country into yet another resource-devouring quagmire in the midst of stagnating economy?

I don’t vote, of course, but if Obama does this, I won’t want to hear about him ever again. If he continues Bush Jr.’s strategy of invading everything he can in search for elusive WMDs, what’s the point of keeping him around?

Do you agree that any military action against Iran will be a horrible mistake that might have tragic consequences for the entire planet? Or will you feel “an upsurge of patriotism” and support a president who orders a strike on Iran?

Recently, I quoted a scandalous article that asked “Is Romney a Wimp?” I hate it when this sexist terminology seeps into political discourse, but I have to ask, for how long will Obama be wimping out under the pressure from the Pentagon?

A Little Bit of Humor

If you sincerely believe that

Men are disproportionately represented at the extremes of intelligence (morons and geniuses): above the IQ level of 170, the genius level, there are thirty timesas many men as women. (Again, there are evolutionary reasons for this.)

then try to make it a little less obvious that you fall in the moron category.

I highly recommend the post because its author rolls out a bunch of hilarious platitudes that, in his moronic mind, are supposed to prove that he is superior to women, people of color, non-Christians, and everybody who is not exactly like him. What makes the post valuable is that it demonstrates how bigots justify their hatred of the universe. I know it’s wrong to laugh at somebody so stupid but I’m working on a very difficult project and I need all the humor I can get.