Office Support Specialist

This is how secretaries are called nowadays, in case you snoozed and missed the news.

Now I just have to figure out how an “office support associate” is different from an “office support specialist.”

Magic Cup

And this is a breakfast I ate at home yesterday. The reason I’m publishing the photo is not that I’m obsessed with breakfasts (although I somewhat am) but because I wanted to share the story of the cup.

Six years ago, a friend of my mother’s gave me this cup as a gift. The cup is supposed to be magical. According to a superstition this woman holds near and dear, if this cup is given to a single woman, she stops being single.

I was very appalled by the suggestion that all single women must necessarily be miserable that I was on the verge of smashing the cup to bits. But it’s very pretty and I couldn’t bring myself to destroy it.

What’s really curious about all this is that the woman who was so worried about my singlehood that she had to give me the cup was in the most miserable marriage you can imagine. I’m not going to traumatize you with the details, but, believe me, it was really tragic.

It is always people with miserable marriages who worry about their single friends and people who have horrible relationships with their children who pester their childless friends about their childlessness. Misery does love company, which is why such people can’t rest until they see everybody as miserable as they are.

Written Compliments

We are having the Annual Faculty breakfast (you can see the food we are given in the photo).

The Mayor of a neighboring town approaches our table to thank my colleague for everything she has done for his daughter who is a student at our department.

“Compliments are much more valuable when they are in writing,” my colleague says.