Why Don’t Liberals Preach?

Liberals who have amounted to something in life through advanced study, hard work, deferral of   gratification, self-control, accepting responsibility for their actions and the rest of the old-fashioned virtues are often strangely  hesitant to preach these conservative virtues to those most in need of them.

That’s because people who preach anything, including any sort of virtues, to others are condescending, stupid, annoying fools. (Unless they are preachers by profession, of course.)

And what has worked for them they do not think will work for others.

That’s because they have the intelligence to realize that people are different and different things work for these different people. “I’m so wonderful, let’s all be me” is a very infantile position.

Their attitude is curiously condescending.  If we conservatives used ‘racist’ as loosely and irresponsibly as they do, we might even tag their attitude ‘racist.’

If everybody who is not exactly like you belongs to a different race, then sure enough. According to this logic, there are 7 billion races in this world.

Signed: a Liberal who has amounted to a lot of things.


I’m completely anti-cheating (in my own life, that is. Everybody else should do as they please, of course) and pro-honesty, but I can’t make sense of the following excerpt from an article at Hugo Schwyzer’s blog:

Infidelity hurts. The fact that cheating is invariably banal and terribly common does little to soothe the shock that comes with learning that a partner has been unfaithful. It’s axiomatic that sexual betrayal causes ripples of damage; children are often devastated, family members deeply hurt, friends confused and disappointed.

I have really got to ask, how do all these people (children, family members and friends) find out about the intimate details of a couple’s sex life? Does a cheating spouse call a family meeting where the family elders, small kids and babes in arms all sit together in solemn silence as the cheater announces, “Friends! Citizens! Family members! Yesterday, I slept with somebody who is not your Daddy! (Or Mommy, as the case may be). Now let’s all take a vote on whether I should do it again.”

Or, alternatively, “People! Humanity! My husband (wife) and your parent, sibling, child, relative and colleague cheated on me three times in five different positions! Here are some graphs and drawings of the act that will make you understand exactly what happened. After that, you can all share your opinions with the group.”

In response, babies start to wail, the elderly have massive heart attacks, and the rest of the participants begin arguing passionately about how they should cast their vote.

Of course, if a person is dumb enough to discuss his or her sex life with children (family members, neighbors, etc.), those children (family members, neighbors, etc.) have much greater issues than their parents’ (relatives’, etc.)sexual antics. Ultimately, the situation that is being discussed in the quoted excerpt is not about cheating at all. Rather, it has to do with the damage caused by people who lack personal boundaries and who turn everybody they know into a hostage of their psychological issues.

P.S. The article itself is quite bizarre because it begins with the following question: “In light of Mark Sanford’s announced plans to marry his longtime mistress, Hugo Schwyzer asks: Is it wrong to rejoice in their union?” I think that unless you know these people personally and quite well, “rejoicing” in their anything is deeply unhealthy. The moment you start to “rejoice” in the lives of people you see on TV (and nowhere else), it’s time to get a life of your own. And urgently, too. This really reminds me of those folks who care about Obama’s puppies and Romney’s dog more than the political platform of these candidates.

Obviously, rejoicing in the life of your favorite blogger is another matter entirely. A blogger’s popularity is always based on his or her honesty while a politician’s popularity. . . well, you know.

P.P.S. I can’t imagine feeling “deeply hurt” by anybody’s cheating on any other person than me. There can be a whole range of emotions but hurt is really not one of them. I intensely dislike people who claim to be “hurt” by the tragedies of others. Narcissistic drama queens, that’s what they are.

P.P.P.S. I have had my first cup of coffee in days which is what makes me loopy and prone to writing many post-scripts.

Lies I Was Taught as a Child

Miriam at Brute Reason came up with this fascinating list titled “An Abridged List of Lies I Was Taught as a Child.” Obviously, now I want to make a list of my own. I will break it down into two parts, “Lies I Didn’t Believe” and “Lies I Believed.” Of course, I only believed them when I was small, so there is no need to explain to me that all these beliefs are stupid. I have figured that out by now.

Lies I Was Taught As a Child But Didn’t Believe

  • sex is dirty
  •  a mother always wants what’s best for her child
  • if a man makes less money than his wife, the situation is deeply shameful and the wife is a total victim who is entitled to treat her husband as viciously as she chooses
  • there can be no friendship between men and women
  • people who are bookish and nerdy are freaks
  • if you are not smiling and happy all the time, then you are a bad person who isn’t making an effort
  • never trust a man but always trust a woman
  • people who are gay are either sick or are simply trying to be provocative
  • you should be willing to sacrifice anything for your family (This is finally one that Miriam and I share.)
  • a rape of a virgin is a lot more tragic than any other kind of rape
  • if you don’t preserve virginity until marriage, nobody would want you
  • spousal rape is normal and people who claim to be traumatized by it are drama queens

Lies I Was Taught As a Child and Believed

  • all men are idiots, jerks and completely helpless creatures
  • marriage always makes women miserable
  • still, women have to get married (and doom themselves to horrible misery) because otherwise they would be defective
  • men don’t want sex and women have to trick them into it
  • the US is one huge slum where everybody lives on dung heaps
  • one is incredibly lucky to live in the USSR
  • a child can provoke an adult into beating him or her
  • women are, by nature, more intelligent, resourceful, valuable and clean than men
  • beating and bullying boys is acceptable and funny while beating and bullying girls is a horrible thing to do
  • the only method for a child to be born is to have a doctor cut a woman’s belly with a knife
  • if you care about fitting in and being accepted by your peers, you are inferior
  • if you care about fashion or enjoy pop music, you are doubly inferior

I invite you to mention lies that you were taught as a child. It is fascinating to observe how culture-specific such lists are. (Just compare mine and Miriam’s.)