Contest: Stupid Quotes

I want to propose a new game for this blog. Let’s bring the most egregiously, mind-numbingly, soul-crushingly stupid things we read on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr or anywhere else during the week and share them here. One condition: the stupid thing has to be something that somebody said completely in earnest. I know we all have brilliant imaginations here but the contest will lose meaning if we start inventing stuff.

The person who brings the the best stupid comment this week wins.

I bet that nobody will find a quote as stupid as the one I saw on the blog of our favorite quasi-philosopher:

Philosophy, like a virgin, is wasted on the young.

Now try topping that!

I will make this post sticky for a while, so scroll down for new posts.

How Do You Define Western Values?

I just had the following dialogue with a student that I really need to share.

Student: I was surprised to discover that the Aztecs were such a Western civilization.

Me: What do you mean by “Western” in this context?

Student: They had such a sophisticated knowledge of science, medicine, technology. . .

Me: As we learned earlier in the semester, the Europeans destroyed their own cultural legacy and had to wait for the Muslims to restore it back to them. Do you remember what the buildings left behind by the Visigoths looked like by the side of the Great Mosque of Cordoba?

Student: It isn’t just that, though. The central values of the Aztecs, their driving force, seem very Western.

Me: Which values specifically?

Student: It’s mainly that they were conquerors, empire-builders. This is what defines the Western civilization. The US and the British Empire created their wealth by exploiting other people.

Me: The Umayyads, Genghis Khan, Tamerlane. . .

Student: I know what you mean but still. . .

I’m now looking for a Western equivalent of the word Orientalism.

Psychoanalysis Versus Psychiatry at Wash U

I highly recommend this interesting article outlining the battle between psychoanalysts and the corrupt, diagnose-peddling, pill-pushing psychiatrists at Washington University in St. Louis. The article is written by a very unprofessional, gushy journalist but the subject it discusses is very important. If you are wondering how pharmaceutical companies managed to carry out their agenda of feeding stupid, addictive, dangerous pills to all of us by the bucketful, here is a very straight-forward explanation.

Psychiatrists get huge amounts of money from pharmacological companies to destroy any method of treatment that could actually solve patients’ issues. We get inundated by endless messages about “brain chemistries” that just happen to be out of whack for no particular reason and require we take pills upon pills upon pills in perpetuity. Every shade of human personality is classified and listed by the psychiatrists in the employ of Pharma companies as “disorders” that need even more medication. Of course, all these drugs have enormous side effects and people are exhorted to take more drugs on top of the ones they are already taking to deal with the side effects.

This terrifying situation gets to the point where psychiatrists – who historically have eagerly collaborated with every inhuman dictatorship and every brutal regime – poison small children by labeling them with a host of completely meaningless diagnoses and medicating them to the state of complete zombification while their already medicated parents stand limply by. This makes a lot of sense because most people are very lazy and possess a consumer mentality. Who needs to make an effort and conduct a slow and complicated work of solving one’s issues through analysis when you can pop a pill instead and temporarily dull the symptoms? And when the symptoms come back, you can pop two pills, and so on.

These medicated populations who spend their entire lives destroying any shade of their personalities with medication are very easy to control and manipulate. Are you wondering why people sit there silently while the education system in this country is eroded, their pension accounts are raided, and their civil right are being stolen? That’s all because they are barely conscious after all the psychotropic medication they have consumed in the last 20 years.

Of course, the article isn’t very recent and I fear that things have become even worse since then. All that anybody can do at this point is educate people and create spaces that are free from the ideology of “chemical imbalances kept in check by pill popping”. These should be spaces where people can discuss more enlightened approaches to psychological health. My blog is one such space. If anybody can recommend any other spaces that share a similar goal, feel free to do so.