A Statement of Contempt

If you blogged about the breast-feeding professor but are not blogging about the unconscionable actions of CUNY’s Karen Steele and her attempts to destroy the department of English, I despise you.

If people don’t want to blog about either issue, that’s perfectly fine. I have nothing against those who are not into this kind of blogging. But idiots who promote the breast-feeding story as some sort of news and pretend not to notice egregious abuses happening within academia deserve my profound contempt.

St. Louis University Turns Into a Freak Show

St. Louis University is planning to turn into a total freak show:

A new faculty evaluation plan being considered by St. Louis University administrators is causing grumblings on campus along with claims that it would essentially abolish the school’s tenure system.

The proposal would add a new “post-tenure review” process in which tenured faculty would essentially reapply for tenure every six years. It’s something that critics say defeats the purpose of awarding tenure in the first place.

And here is the most offensive part of the story:

It’s unclear exactly what response the school is getting from faculty, though several professors have quietly spoken against the proposal, which would take effect in January.

Got it? Some members of this bunch of stupid losers have spoken out quietly. They are being robbed of tenure and they are still quivering there like terrified little mice. I wonder what the administrators need to do to these sorry creatures to get them to raise their voices in protest. Would shitting on their heads actually work? I have neither patience nor compassion for people who are so pathetic that they can’t even start organizing and protesting in such an egregious situation as this one.

Faculty members at St. Louis University: stop grumbling and mumbling already. Fight for your rights. You are betraying everybody in academia with your meek and disgusting silence.

Gosh, is there not a single person at St. Louis University with an ounce of self-respect?

A New Development at CUNY

It looks like the administration at CUNY is already catching up to how stupid and rash Karen Steele, an anti-intellectual hater of learning and knowledge, has been in her threats to destroy the English department at Queensborough Community College:

The one big piece of news to emerge in the last few hours is a Sunday afternoon email from Queensborough president Diane Call which attempted to walk back Steele’s original message to the English department.

Where Steele had described the college’s plans to slash faculty as a done deal — job searches were to be terminated “immediately,” she wrote, and the rest of the cuts were described using phrases like “we can’t” and “we will,” with no conditionals — Call now characterizes the threats as “potential consequences,” “possible outcomes,” and “a worst case scenario … we are prepared to work mightily to avoid.”

Call even opened the door to the prospect of a resolution that did not involve capitulation by QCC’s English department to the administration’s initial proposal, saying that she hoped to achieve “a constructive resolution” to the crisis “through continued communication and collaboration with our faculty.”

This means that putting pressure on the administration works. And it works fast. Later tonight, I will find the email of Queensborough president Diane Call and start writing to her, too.

Let’s remember the name “Karen Steele”, people. This person should become a pariah in the academic circles. We have a great opportunity to teach all haughty, condescending, anti-intellectual administrators a lesson here. Karen Steele will not be able to pretend that none of this happened. This outrageous behavior on her part will not be forgotten.

Clarissa and Jesus

Last night, we were driving home from St. Louis. N was very hungry and kept asking me to feed him as soon as we got home.

“I need to eat now! Right now!” he was saying.

“But I can’t feed you right now,” I responded. “I need time to cook something. I can’t produce food instantly.”

“Well, there was one guy who managed to do it,” N. said.

“I understand you worship me and all,” I answered, “but this is a pretty high standard to set.”

Since I was facing stiff competition from Jesus, I whipped out a two-course hot meal in ten minutes.

“I am the way and the truth and the life,” I announced as I was serving dinner. “No one comes to food in this house except through me.”