Literal Thinking

I tend to be way too literal for my own good. To give a recent example, when I registered for a feminist conference, it never occurred to me that “feminist” would translate into “all-female.” Now I have received the program and was shocked to discover that, save for two token males, there will only be female scholars at the conference.

Because of my literal thinking, I will now end up spending three days in a gender ghetto.

9 thoughts on “Literal Thinking

    1. I’m sure that was the case. And people should have any conferences they wish. I’m not saying it should be canceled, or anything. I’m just saying that I would have preferred to go to a more diverse conference.


      1. But how can you have a more diverse conference, if men aren’t interested? Were there ever times, in which many men were interested in feminist conferences about voting rights (in the past), workplace discrimination (past and present, unfortunately), etc?

        Hopefully, the conferences did & do contribute something positive to the world. I don’t know since have never visited one, so can only hope. If all women decided they didn’t want to visit (almost) all female places, there would be no many places of activism, exchanging ideas, etc.

        Want to make clear that, of course, you and any private person has a right to visit what s\he wishes. “gender ghetto” sounds very bad, so I wanted to explain the other view, my view, of the situation.


        1. This is a conference on Hispanic literature. There isn’t any political activism involved.

          As we all know from this blog, “mainstream feminists” have no affinity for my ideas. I just can imagine how out of place I will be at that conference. And just when I decided to be sociable at a conference for the very first time ever. This probably means that God doesn’t want me to socialize. 🙂


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