Miners’ Salary

In the 1990s, there were huge cash-flow issues in state-owned enterprises in the former-USSR countries. People couldn’t get their salaries for 6-9 months. After which the inflation would make the money worthless anyway.

This is why in the mining village where my relatives live the half-year’s salary was once paid out in the form of coffins. This made a lot of sense since a miner’s job is very dangerous and if you can’t get your salary, then why not take a coffin instead?

Make Up Bags and Sacrilege

A Jewish woman sells these blasphemous make-up bags with Orthodox Christian symbols at the Missouri Oktoberfest. Of course, I had to buy one.

I also bought a matryoshka for my office. A Russian speaker without a matryoshka is a total joke. Besides, it’s time that I had a Russian corner in my office in addition to my Dominican, British and German corners.


I’ve never been to an Oktoberfest before. This is a great event, and Bratwurst abounds. The only problem is that I can’t eat standing up, walking around, or sitting on rickety chairs. I need a proper eating environment.

After the Oktoberfest, we will go to a shopping street, and that is where I will be in my element.

Typology of Love: Homoerotic

This is, of course, a type that exists only among heteros.

Homoerotic doesn’t have a whole lot of interest in people of the opposite gender. This might be somebody with a deeply repressed homosexuality or somebody brought up in an extremely patriarchal environment.

Homoerotic always ends up in love triangles. Homoerotic’s partners are always married, engaged or partnered with somebody else. Homoerotic is an eternal mistress of married men or an eternal lover of married women. The reason why Homoerotic always ends up in love triangles is because s/he has a profound need to be deeply enmeshed with a person of the same gender.

Homoerotic will obsess about the wife or husband of the married partner and transform him/her into a central object in Homoerotic’s emotional life. To put it bluntly, Homoerotic wants to gain access to the sex organs of the married partner’s wife/husband through the only conduit Homoerotic finds acceptable.

Now you can answer the question of why cheating is much more rampant in, say, Russia than in the US.