Sunday Link Encyclopedia and Self-Promotion

This is what happens to a university that places no value on research. Let this story serve as a warning to all of us.

It takes a Dutchman to make a box of American peanuts sound hilarious.

Even ramps are beautiful in Montreal.

Who but a housewife would throw a hissy fit about a child seeing a condom wrapper? Some people should really try to get a life because being scandalized by condom wrappers is kind of insane.

A small but important victory for a responsible academic. Let’s all follow her example and perform the same small feat next week.

A very insightful post on why many people refuse to read.

Psychoanalysis leads to neurobiological changes in the depressed patients’ brains. (The link is in German.)

Another layer of intrigue has been revealed in the saga of the downfall of conservative academic and rising Evangelical star Dinesh D’Souza, who resigned from his perch atop King’s College today after it was revealed that he had a fiancee while also having a wife. Right Wing Watchreports that his mistress/fiancée, Denise Odie Joseph II, was also married, and said in April that she was going to vote for Mitt Romney, “because [her] husband told her to.” We all have to be grateful to fundamentalist preachers of virtue for providing us with so much entertainment.

Most complementarian evangelical Christian leaders use rape to control women. . . Complementarian leaders, despite their personal feelings about rape, need rape to exist and for it to be a serious threat.”

Just like the existence of rape is convenient for complementarians and patriarchalists, even so the existence of homeless people is convenient for corporate America. What I mean is that encountering a homeless person can make someone like me, a grad student raising two children, feel wealthy beyond measure.”

Ukrainian pseudo-feminists descend on Paris.

Christian culture isolates men and women, trains them to think and act differently, then presents this training as a marriage problem to be solved. Communication is hard, they say. Marriage is hard. After five years of a committed relationship, I can safely say this: it’s not hard. Not at all. It’s way easier!”

The many breaches of ethics that lactivist bullies engage in.

“Using DSM-4 criteria for mental disorders, almost half the people in the US are getting a diagnosis of a mental disorder in their lifetime – and other countries aren’t far behind.”

There is nothing funny about raping men.

    20 thoughts on “Sunday Link Encyclopedia and Self-Promotion

    1. I wrote Why I’m Voting Yes on Prop 204, an Arizona ballot measure to increase the sales tax in order to have more money for education and public infrastructure. Warning: Apparently my use of profanity on my own blog has offended some with delicate sensibilities. You should probably not read it if you’re shocked by the idea that a teacher might say “fuck” on her own time. 😉


    2. I think the woman upset about the condom was more upset about the germ aspect (her kid didn’t just see it, she picked it up) than just the mere fact that it was there. I mean, it is pretty nasty to throw a used condom down on a playground, you know kids pick all sorts of stuff up.


      1. I think we’d all say “EWWW”, if we found a used condom in the park, but what her child actually found was just the wrapper. She looked for the condom but couldn’t find it. I wonder if she would have been so offended if her child had found a candy wrapper. Playgrounds are full of germs. Kids coughing, wiping their nose on their hands and their hands on the swings, leaky diapers, dogs peeing on everything. But that doesn’t seem to bother her. What bothers her is that someone had sex. She probably takes a shower immediately after sex so she doesn’t contaminate her house.


        1. “I wonder if she would have been so offended if her child had found a candy wrapper.”

          – Exactly.

          “What bothers her is that someone had sex. She probably takes a shower immediately after sex so she doesn’t contaminate her house.”

          -I think so, too. 🙂


        2. I’m not sure you can ascertain facts about this woman’s sex life just from one blog post, and I’m not really comfortable with this sort of woman bashing. It plays too easily into the hands of people who need women at each others’ throats.

          I’ve reread the post, and I hold to my view that her problem has less to do about her kid somehow being in contact with the idea that people have sex and more about germs. Mock her for being irrational about germs all you like (I notice you’re okay with the fears of nicotine poisoning from playing with cigarette butts, though it didn’t look like the kid had any intention of putting the things in her mouth which is how kids get nicotine poisoning — just touching cigarette butts doesn’t do anything or I wouldn’t be typing this now after a childhood of cleaning my parents’ ashtrays out), but don’t foist your own need to have an army of sex-hating neurotic mothers to bash on some stranger.


        3. I don’t know why the user of the condom/fag butts couldn’t have put his damned rubbish in a bin instead of littering a children’s playground. What is that, provocation?

          Some people treat public areas appallingly. One of the comments below the article talks of what she saw at a children’s playground: “I brought my kids to a park once and there were beer bottles everywhere and PISS DOWN THE SLIDES. Also, some unidentified splooge-like substance on one of the platforms”.

          Not everyone has a garden, and taking kids to the park lets them run about and get fit, but if the playground is turned into a cesspit by thoughtless, selfish people with no respect for others, then it spoils things for everyone else.

          Live and let live.


      2. Yeah, the sex is what she finds dirty. If she was actually that concerned about germs she wouldn’t let her kids play somewhere where hundreds of other people have played before her and is never, ever cleaned ( a public park). Why do you need to wipe down a slide where hundreds of small children with god knows what on their hands have touched ONLY AFTER a couple has had sex on it?


        1. “Why do you need to wipe down a slide where hundreds of small children with god knows what on their hands have touched ONLY AFTER a couple has had sex on it?”

          – Exactly. The outrage in this post is just too funny.


    3. Oh, the eternal whining about us nasty cigarette smokers. I note the commenter who compared smokers to animals, to a child (nice!). The funny thing is, cigarette butts on the ground is a result of people like her advocating for ashtrays being taken out of public spaces. I’ve taken to field-stripping my butts and putting them in an empty pack, but not everyone wants to deal with the smell, and the increased bitching from non smokers about the smell. Tell the truth, I do that less because the whining, and more because my father, who also smokes, got on my ass.


    4. I came across a text about psychoanalysis and autism yesterday, which I looked at because I thought, “Ah, yes, I know someone, Clarissa, who has autism.”

      The article is in French, and begins as follows: “Pour les psychanalystes, le processus autistique est en rapport avec des angoisses archaïques entraînant des mécanismes de défense isolants. Le postulat de la psychanalyse est qu’en permettant l’expression de ces éléments dans une relation avec un thérapeute commentant, interprétant ce qu’il comprend les syndromes autistiques disparaîtront.”


          1. Neurobiology should go stuff it. 🙂 Not a single autistic has been helped by neurobiologists. Neurobiologists are not even claiming they can help.

            Psychoanalysis has helped crowds of adult autistics. I’m one of them.


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