Good News

The Agriculture Department, which publishes an annual report on what American parents spend on their children, estimated in 2011 that a middle-income couple spent $12,290 to $14,320 a year on a child, depending on the child’s age and where they lived.

OK, this is good news. Divided by two partners, this means that a child costs one of them only about $7K per year. Eminently doable. Given that there is absolutely nowhere you can invest this money to get any sort of return nowadays while a child will feed you for decades after you reach old age, this is actually a phenomenal investment.

Of course, the stupid, hysteria-mongering NYTimes sees this as “expensive”, “extreme” and “enormous”, but what do you expect from from the mainstream media?

And One After Another They Fall

Yesterday, Ian Welsh, a progressive blogger demonstrated that his fake Liberalism is based on a profoundly sexist worldview. Today, the Last Psychiatrist, one of the most intelligent bloggers I’m aware of, also came up with an extremely sexist statement:

 Like a woman who squandered her youth on fun but disreputable men, she will find herself at 45 wanting to marry, but alone.  “That is such a disgusting, sexist, archaic thing to say.”  I feel your rage, and you are right.  Alone nevertheless.

As much as the Last Psychiatrist wants to believe that the universe punishes women for spending their youth having sex with everybody except for the likes of him, this punishment never comes. Sexually fulfilled women are in extraordinarily high demand on the marriage market. As one of the women who don’t believe their youth was “squandered” on having fun, I can assure the Last Psychiatrist that he can stop worrying about us right now. All of the people I dated were chosen by me on the basis of their fun potential and not on their reputation, whatever that is supposed to mean. And in spite of never even wanting to get married, I am now a blissfully happy married woman.

The Last Psychiatrist should probably stop watching all those reruns of Sex and the City and meet some real women. I’m sure that many surprising revelations await him.

Still Happy That He Lost

I’m even happier that Romney lost the election than I was before because now it turns out that his understanding of the president’s role is completely wrong:

“With regards to the young people, for instance, a forgiveness of college loan interest was a big gift,” Mr. Romney said. “Free contraceptives were very big with young, college-aged women. And then, finally, Obamacare also made a difference for them, because as you know, anybody now 26 years of age and younger was now going to be part of their parents’ plan, and that was a big gift to young people. They turned out in large numbers, a larger share in this election even than in 2008.”

All of these things would qualify as a “gift” if Obama had used his personal funds to purchase them for said groups of people. He didn’t, though. The money for these initiatives came out of the funds contributed by the taxpayers. All Obama did was manage the taxpayers’ money (which is actually a huge part of his job description) in a way that the majority of taxpayers approved. This approval was demonstrated at the voting polls on November 6.

When a manager of a mutual fund manages the customers’ money well and offers them a good return on the investment, you’d have to be very deluded to believe that this return is the manager’s gift to the fund’s customers.

It is sad and also quite scary that a presidential candidate, even one who did not have a chance of winning, sees taxpayers’ money as some sort of a private trust fund belonging to the president that the president can throw around in the form of gifts. We have already seen what this approach did to our economy when President Bush Jr. gave gifts to the tune of trillions of dollars to his Wall Street buddies.

Bizarre Searches

OK, this is getting to bizarre. For the fourth day in a row, some weirdo is scouring the blog for posts that contain words “hate men.” Now “despise men” has been added to the mix. Here is proof, in case you don’t believe me:


Buddy, seriously, give it up already. Such posts don’t exist on my blog. As much as you might want to need to find evidence that I’m a man-hater, you won’t because I’m not. There are plenty of great posts around here, so just read them and relax.


FoxNews’ national exit poll found that liberals made up 25% of the electorate, moderates approximately 40%, and conservatives 35%. Self-identified conservatives outnumbered liberals in the presidential vote by just ten points, which is a far cry from a two-to-one advantage. That’s consistent with what other organizations found. Will’s 2-to-1 figure can be found in other surveys of ideological self-identification, and it’s true that a person’s self-identification is not always a reliable indicator how he votes or what policies he favors.

This is completely true. My father identifies as Conservative and is the most proud, staunch Conservative you can find anywhere. At the same time, he was on the phone with me five times a day during the weeks before the election, nervous about every tiny shift of the polls away from Obama. I was even worried for his health in case Obama didn’t win.

The reason for this is that my father is an old-school Conservative of the kind we don’t see on Fox News. A deeply religious person, he hates it when people try to mix religion and politics. Religion for him is a profoundly intimate set of beliefs that should never be aired in public or forced on others. He also resents the attempts by the government to intrude into people’s bodies and personal lives, so the anti-choice and anti-gay rhetoric of the US Republicans is an instant deal-breaker for him.

As an old-school Conservative, my father is a strong believer in law and order. Maintaining law and order is the crucial role of government in a well-functioning society, he believes, which is why the dismissive comments about “that rape thing” and “legitimate rape” put him off the Republicans faster than lightning. “If they don’t recognize rape as a horrible crime and are willing to make excuses for it, they are no Conservatives,” he says. And, of course, when he heard that his God’s name was taken in vain to justify rape (remember the rape as “a gift from God” comments?), he was livid.

The tragedy of today’s Conservatives is that they don’t have legitimate representation in the US politics. Their movement has been hijacked by hysterics and idiots. So it makes sense to switch over to the Liberal side, especially since Obama is very far to the right on foreign policy and the economy, anyway.