The Answer About My Favorite Clothing Style

In order to answer this question, you have to ask yourself: what does Clarissa want to do the most? What effect does she aim to achieve? What does her every post try to do?

The answer is obvious. I want to subvert preconceived notions, to say and do something unexpected, something that nobody says on each subject. Of course, I’m not always wildly successful but that’s the goal. And which style of clothing will help me achieve this goal better than. . . drumroll. . .

THE 1950s STYLE!

Just imagine me, arriving at a conference (or a date, when I still used to date), in a dress that people associate with American housewives in the 1950s, with a full skirt and often even a big bow, Mary Janes, and sometimes even pigtails. Plus I’m blonde, blue-eyed, and have a Russian accent. So I sit in front of people and make the following facial expression at them:

Jan 2012

Add some massive eye-lash batting, and what do you think people immediately assume? That I’m an idiot, of course. Then they begin to condescend like they are getting paid to do so. Some people even start speaking re-a-lly slo-w-ly to make sure the dumb blonde understands them.

I let them do that, and then I open my mouth and unleash what I usually unleash on this blog. The effect is priceless, folks. Remember that I’m also a pedagogue, and there is nothing I like more than educating. This is a great lesson in how judging people based on appearances might not be a good idea.

Everybody who answered that my favorite style is the 1920s was not that mistaken. I love it aesthetically but I couldn’t wear these clothes because I don’t have the body for them. They would make me look like an armoire.

And the style I hate the most is the 1980s. All those pulse warmers, white sneakers, acid wash jeans – brrrrr! The 1970s style also sucks like there is no tomorrow but the 1980s were the worst.

Here are the winners of this round:

Saia Sakira 1

Paranoid 1

Sarah 1

Evelina Anville 0.5

The Sister 2 (Of course, it was easy for The Sister who has known me for 30 years.) N. also guessed and how could he have not, if I wore a 1950s dress to our 2nd date?

Lindsay 1

Z 1

Amanda 1

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