Sick: An Open Thread

I’ve been very sick, people. I knew that I would have just enough energy to finish out the semester, and then I would just collapse the moment the last lecture ended. And that’s exactly what happened. I worked on overload this semester, and almost never even whined about it, but there is a limit to everybody’s energy. As a good, responsible blogger, I wrote several pre-scheduled posts on Friday night because I knew I’d be incapacitated for several days after that.

Now I’m conscious again but still recovering. Today and tomorrow, I will have “beauty days” (meaning that I will lie in bed feeling beautiful) in order to recover completely. In the meanwhile, do tell me what I missed while I’ve been out of it. Have we already fallen off the “fiscal cliff”? If not, then why did I just get an email from the Human Resources telling us our taxes will go up because the Bush tax cuts will expire on January 1? Has that been decided in these 2 days that  I have been sick?

Also, I now wish I hadn’t placed any Catalonian writers on my syllabus for next semester. If they don’t want to be part of our Spain, there is no reason for us to promote their culture. We will have our Juan Goytisolo and Juan Marse back, thank you very much, and they can have their Carme Riera.

And good news: while I was sick, I was intermittently reading an article about somebody called Fred Halliday who seems to be precisely the kind of Liberal that I had despaired of ever finding: the kind who has the courage to accept that communism has no hope of succeeding and who has an even greater courage to denounce religious fanaticism. If anybody knows anything about him, do tell me whether I should read his books. Of course, the moment I found this guy, I immediately discovered that he recently died. Jewish luck.

As I’m sure you have guessed from the all-over-the-place tone of this post, I’m still sick, so it’s back to bed for me. Feel free to say, ask, discuss, mention anything in the comment section.

How Well Do You Know Clarissa: Career Choice

So what was it that made me choose Hispanic Studies as my career?

A) The first time I read Don Quijote.

B) A Colombian soap opera.

C) An affair with a man from Mexico.

D) Advice from my father.

E) A desire to be original.

F) Pure chance.

G) A suggestion from a professor I respected.

H) A trip to Spain.

I) A bet.

The Sister: come on, child, we all know that you know but let other people guess. 🙂