My Teas


You’d think this photo was taken at a store that sells tea but these are actually the teas we keep at home. They didn’t all fit into the frame but you get the idea.

Russia Bans US Adoptions

We all know how much I dislike the Russian government. However, I think the Russian Parliament’s decision to ban US adoptions of Russian children is a great idea. This decision was made to punish the US for its Magnitsky Act and that motivation is crap. The result, however, is very good.

These international and especially intercontinental adoptions are hugely problematic. A decision to emigrate is a very very complex one. It is a decision that transforms one’s life, a decision that always carries a wealth of consequences. As a two-time immigrant, I can tell you that an emigration that involves moving for good to a country that speaks a different language and has a different culture is one of the most traumatic events of one’s life. Of course, the concept of trauma does not have to be negative in every case, yet this is not something that people should inflict on somebody else out of a whim.

A child adopted from Russia will lose its language, culture, and probably never will get a chance to meet its biological family. (Or know that in its native language it is perfectly acceptable to use the word “it” to refer to a child because nouns have 3 genders.) The kind of people who would take a child away from all that simply because it took their fancy to buy a toy overseas are not to be trusted. There are crowds of miserable, abandoned, unwanted children right here in the US. If you feel so eager to be a parent, why not foster one or even several?

I hope that in response to this post people don’t start telling me that these adopters take the plight of Russian orphans to heart and try to save them. Anybody who cares about the orphans helps them without removing them from their environment, their culture, the contact with their relatives.

It is deeply disturbing to me that people should be able to purchase human beings and transform their lives completely without asking for their informed consent just because they have money. And I’m not even talking about all the cases where these adopted children are turned into sex slaves, punching bags, and domestic servants.