Why I won’t be quitting Instagram… and you shouldn’t need to either

I also think that people who are quitting Instagram in a huff are weird. I don’t use Instagram but I use Google Images a lot and I find it very convenient to have an enormous stock of images easily accessible to me. This is why I don’t mind in the least Google using my photos that I choose to upload.

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Social media proves its worth when it comes to spreading news across the world but occasionally it can create it too. Yesterday (18 Dec 2012) it seems everyone was talking about Instagram and what they plan to do with users’ photos.

Instagram announced a few changes to their T&Cs and most people did the same thing they do with all T&Cs, speed-reading through them not really understanding or caring what had changed. A few however decided that they’d delve deeper and apparently uncovered an evil plot…

Instagram are going to sell our photos and make millions from our personal property!

What surprises me most about this is that I seem to be amongst the very few who weren’t outraged by this news and didn’t even consider deleting my account in protest. Many others though took to their Facebook accounts (the irony) and Twitter to complain about this sudden infringement on…

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My current definition of bliss is:

– turning on the computer in the morning and discovering that not a single new email has arrived in my work mailbox;

– having enough time to sort my teas and organize my pantry;

– knowing that for the first time in my life I have all the New Year’s gifts prepared ahead of time;

– lying on my new bed with a mask on my face and a juice by my side, reading a book, taking notes, and watching old movies on my computer;

– receiving secondary sources for my new article;

– having a lot of time to read for pleasure;

– realizing that I won’t have to teach 4 courses ever again.

Lucky Bastards

Want to see what happens to a pail of boiling water thrown off a balcony when it’s -41C outside? See here:

My feelings are: who cares when the only thing that matters is that there are folks who are lucky enough to experience the temperature of -41C?

I’m going to Montreal next week, so maybe I will finally see some snow.