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Lucky Bastards

Want to see what happens to a pail of boiling water thrown off a balcony when it’s -41C outside? See here:

My feelings are: who cares when the only thing that matters is that there are folks who are lucky enough to experience the temperature of -41C?

I’m going to Montreal next week, so maybe I will finally see some snow.


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9 thoughts on “Lucky Bastards

  1. Not lucky at all. I remember when it was between -20 and -25 here a few years back. I was outside for 10 minutes and then still freezing half an hour after coming back in. I know we Norwegians are supposed to say that there’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing, but when it’s below -15 I’m staying indoors.


  2. oops. I entered my email into the website rather than the email field in the post above. I’m apparently incompetent at blog commenting


  3. When I see the temperature -41 (F or C; they are almost the same) all I can think of is that one can put a stick of wood in a bowl of mercury and soon have a usable hammer.


  4. It’s going to be in the 40s (degrees celcius) on Christmas day here.


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