My New Year’s Tree


We decided not to have any huge Christmas-related meal this year because we will be in Montreal in a week where my mother will feed us like we are at risk of starvation and my sister will take us to every trendy restaurant she can think of. Even I can’t deal with that much food, so we will dial down the eating in the week before traveling. I remember how once we invited our Canadian friends to one of my mother’s festive dinners. After eating more (absolutely delicious) food they had seen in a week, Canadians started to crawl off the chairs, feeling completely sated. “Where are they going?” my mother asked me in Russian. “Tell them we are just getting started here. I have 4 more courses prepared.” I promise to post photos of my mother’s food, so you understand what I’m talking about. In the meanwhile, here is my New Year’s tree.


The Best License Plate Ever


Why learn to drive when somebody in this town has already claimed the best license plate ever? This has got to be a fellow professor, don’t you think?

How Well Do You Know Clarissa: Husband

When did I start living with N., the man who eventually became my husband:

A. Four hours after meeting him.

B. Four days after meeting him.

C. Four weeks after meeting him.

D. Four months after meeting him.

E. Four years after meeting him.